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Ubud Monkey Forest | Market & Palace | Bali Tour Packages

Holy Monkey Forest | Market and Palace (Code: G - 3)

Ubud monkey forest tour packages is one of a half-day tour packages, that essentially will visit Ubud, the most famous tourist village and become central of art village on the island of Bali. Tourism charms of Ubud monkey forest area, has become a favorites tourist attraction, also most visited by tourists from local tourists, domestic, and foreign tourists when enjoying a holiday bali tour packages.

Ubud Monkey Forest Bali Tours packagesUbud Bali Monkey Forests
In addition of monkey forest tourism area, Ubud also has few other famous tourist area such as : Ubud palace, Ubud art gallery, as well as the Ubud market. Ubud village is also basically famous as the headquarters of artist painting on the island of Bali. The name of "Ubud" itself, which is often referred as Ubad (Balinese "healing"). It has been proved, that most tourists who wants to get peacefulness and serenity, to enjoy the stunning natural beauty, they will visit the tourist village of Ubud. Even now there is the impression that, when tourists who visited Bali, before they have time to visit Ubud, feels that their holiday is really not complete. The total population of Ubud about 60.122 people, with large area ​​approximately 42.38 kilometersquare and it is located approximately 500 meters above the sea level. Ubud is a sub-district and divided become 8 villages. Ubud still be a part of Gianyar regency. The mileage to Ubud tourism area around 45 minutes drive from Denpasar capital city.

Ubud Monkey Forest | Bali Tour Packages | enroute as follows :

Batubulan Barong and Keris Dance
Batubulan village of Barong and Keris dance will be the first stop to watch the traditional dance performances. And the name of batubulan itself, of yore there is a stone that shines like the moon, and finally in the place it was built a palace, with adopted son by the King of Badung, which is empowered to build a palace in the east of Badung - Denpasar, until now very famous for the art of dance and sculptures of stone crafts in Bali.
Batik Bali Batubulan
Batubulan village of batik is the next stop after the traditional balinese dance of barong and keris. The batik place is still located at batubulan area, and tourists will see the drawing skill by the balinese woman on the material of cloths, and also do the traditional weaving in making batik. There are few kinds of batik such as: batik traditional hand painting, stamp batik, and modern batik. This place is always crowded visited by tourists.
Celuk Village Gold and Silver Center
Celuk the central village of Gold and Silver is the third place to be visited after the batik village, it is just take around 10 minutes driving from Batubulan village. And all of its Gold and Silver, are imported from Borneo Island with its best quality, that designed hereditarily by Balinese artisans, with professional skills that passed from generation to generation in making jewelry, and they still using the traditional method.
Mas Village Wood Carving Center
Mas the central village of Wood Carving in Bali, will be the next stop after celuk gold and silver place. And here tourists will see the central process of wooden statue craft, and this place is also very popular as centre of furniture, and other Wood Crafts in Bali. They use from many types of wood for their Art Crafts, such as : Ebonywood, Teakwood, Sandalwood, and Others, with the best quality, well inspected, and well treated.
Ubud Bali Painting
Ubud the central village of Painting is the next stop, and ubud is the only one place in bali with best reputation for central of Art and Painting, also with the presence of Art Museum, and Maestro of Arts. as well as the charm of stunning natural beauty. It is often referred as Ubad (Healing), for those who wants to get balance of mind, soul, and tranquility in Bali. Mileage to Ubud around one hour driving from Denpasar capital city.
Ubud Bali Monkey Forests
Ubud monkey forest is the last stop, the mileage from Ubud market about one kilometer on foot. Here we can see lots of monkeys. There are about 300 monkeys live in the tropical forests of Ubud. Basically all type of monkeys in Latin is generally called Macaques Fascicularis, is a type of long tailed monkey with an average weight of Young males 8 - 10 kilograms, and young female 4 - 8 Kilograms.

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Ubud Monkey Forest | Tour Packages PricesUS$ 45 /Car

Please Note:
Ubud Monkey Forest Price List includes:
  • Up to 6 seater Vehicle with Air Conditioner (Registered for Tourism Transport)
  • Qualified English Speaking Tour Guide / Safe Driver (Licensed)
  • Meals for Driver / Tour Guide
  • Parking Fees
  • Toll Fees
  • Petrol
Ubud Monkey Forest Price List excludes:
  • Your Meals
  • All other Personal Expenses
  • All Entrance Fees
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