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Denpasar Capital City | Bali Tour Packages

Denpasar City Bali Tour (Code: I - 3)

Denpasar capital city bali tour packages is the name of one tour packages program, that will visit the center town which became the capital city of Bali. Denpasar capital city is also crowded visited by tourists when enjoying Bali Holiday Packages from local tourists, domestic and foreign tourists. The mileage to Denpasar city will take about 30 minutes drive from Kuta beach area. Denpasar is closely associated with the central power from the King of Badung. Then since 1958, Badung regency which is ultimately used for the central government of Bali, with its capital is Denpasar city.

Denpasar city tour | Bali Capital City
Denpasar capital city with fast growth population, and changes in all aspects of social, cultural, lifestyle has turned into city life. And all of community center, such as; Commercial centers, Educational centers, and Administrative centers goverment of bali. Based on Denpasar city history, Badung became a struggle city, when the last resistance during the colonial era. There are few interesting places to visit in Denpasar city which is used as tourism objects such as: Denpasar bali museum, Denpasar jagatnatha temple, Denpasar bajrasandi monuments, Denpasar ksirarnawa art centre, Denpasar traditional market, Denpasar department store, etc.

Denpasar Capital City | Bali Tour Packages | enroute as follows:

Museum Bali
Museum Bali : the museum which located at the main central of Denpasar city, as the only one of a big museum in Bali, and very popular not even just for tourists, but also the local people and Students who wants to learn more about the history, and ethnography of Bali. The idea to built this museum was came in the year 1910, from the assistant resident of Bali and Lombok named M.F.J.Kroon.
Bali Traditional Market
Bali Traditional Market : next stop, the trip will go to Denpasar traditional market, to see how's the balinese people do their trading activities, in the biggest market in Bali. A wide variety of merchandise we can see here from all sorts of basic necessities, clothings, ceremonial equipments even until arts and crafts. And all are local prices, with the bargaining system is quite interesting, and unique to note.
Denpasar Bali Departments Store
Department Store : and last stop will step into the modern style, by visiting one of the Departments Stores in Denpasar, and there are few of departments stores in the city such as; Matahari, Ramayana Departments store, etc. So for tourists if they want to shop with fixed prices and good quality, they will go to the shopping center, not just by the tourists, but also local communities.

Denpasar City Map

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Denpasar Capital City | Bali Tour Packages pricesUS$ 35 / Car

Please Note:
Denpasar Capital City | Bali Tour Packages Prices Includes:
  • Up to 6 seater Vehicle with Air Conditioner (Registered for Tourism Transport)
  • Qualified English Speaking Tour Guide / Safe Driver (License)
  • Meals for Driver / Tour Guide
  • Parking Fees
  • Toll Fees
  •  Petrol
Denpasar Capital City | Bali Tour Packages Prices Excludes:
  • Your Meals
  • All other Personal Expenses
  • All Entrance Fees
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Title: Denpasar Capital City | Bali Tour Packages

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