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Ramayana - Traditional Bali Shadow Puppets

Balinese Shadow Puppet (Traditional Bali Shadow Puppet), puppet entertainment in Bali has been famous since ancient to the present, even now is getting popular for local Balinese entertainment, also to the tourists when they spend Bali Holiday Packages And the show is more enlightening about the history, philosophy of life, and about our life in society. In Balinese Language or Indonesian Bahasa of Shadow Puppet commonly called with WAYANG (Bayangan Hidup / Shadow of life in the world, which is a representative through a traditional entertainment) . Most theme story taken from the based Epic story of Hindu such as: Ramayana, and Mahabharata.

Ramayana - Traditional Bali Shadow Puppets
These story explained about the Duality (Symbolism of Good and Bad characters in general). So philosophical that is contained how we can take a lesson from this story as a reflection in life to do better for ourselves, family, community, nation, and the world in general until we know the essential of Life is Moksartham Jagadhitam Yasca Iti Dharma (peaceful, prosperity, happiness based on dharma / The Balance of Micro, and Macrocosmos of Life). In Bali, this shadow puppet very popular in every traditional show, base on the puppet characther that played by a Dalang (puppeteer / in Macrocosmos is becoming symbol of the God who determine What, Who, When, Why will it happens of everything in this world). The existence of Bali shadow puppet more presented through performances, and also used as wall decoration or souvenier, that make a different feel for the room aesthetics.

Few character figures from Puppet traditional leather such as:

Hanuman Leather Puppet
HANUMAN (Code LPH - 1) is the king of White Monkey.And Hanuman narrated that capabled to burn the  Palace of Alengka Pura, and explained who has super natural power, which is in the story of Ramayana has many services to help Sri Rama (God / Wisnu Awatara) in his mission to save Sita (Rama's wife) who was kidnapped by Rahwana (king of Alengka).

HANUMAN (Wayang leather puppets Souvenier) Hanging Wall Decoration price is Rp. 700.000 ( US$ 78 )

Subali Leather Puppet
SUBALI (Code LPSB - 2) is also the Monkey King from the mountain cave of Kiskenda who was killed by Rama and his brother Sugriwa finnally be a king after dealing by Rama, if he can kill him then he will help Rama to rescuing Sita and in this mission Sugriwa ask all the monkeys troops to built the huge bridge of and it's all under supervision of Rama.

SUBALI (Wayang leather puppets Souvenier) Hanging Wall Decoration price is Rp. 700.000 ( US$ 78 )

Sugriwa Leather Puppet
SUGRIWA (Code LPSG - 3) is a brother of Subali (King of Kiskenda) from the mountain cave of Kiskenda together with other Monkeys Hero / white monkey king Hanuman and all monkeys troops have had a great services to help Sri Rama (God / Wisnu Awatara) to releasing Sita (Sri Rama's wife), and also helping all the monkeys soldiers to built the  huge bridge of Situbanda.

SUGRIWA (Wayang leather puppets Souvenier) Hanging Wall Decoration price is Rp. 700.000 ( US$ 78 )

Rama Leather Puppet
RAMA (Code LPRM - 4) is Wisnu Awatara from the Kingdom Ayodya who has brother Laksmana, that explained has become the stickholder of the Ramayana Story.Until now the existence heritage of Situbanda bridge (Palk Strait) India, be the real witness of this true story that happen on Tretha Yuga (Around 1.750.000 years ago).

SRI RAMA (Wayang leather puppets Souvenier) Hanging Wall Decoration price is Rp. 700.000 ( US$ 78 )

Sita Leather Puppet
SITA (Code LPST - 5) is Sri Rama's wife, that described in the epic story of Ramayana was kidnapped by Rahwana (King of Alengka).Because Rahwana fall in love, and smitten with the beauty seizes and wanted to marry her, that's why he kidnapped Sita, then took her by force to Kingdom of Alengka.So...hence the fierce battle is taking place.

DEWI SITA (Wayang leather puppets Souvenier) Hanging Wall Decoration price is Rp. 700.000 ( US$ 78 )

Laksmana Leather Puppet
LAKSMANA (Code LPLS - 6) is Sri Rama's brother and has narrated in the Ramayana story always accompany his brother Rama both in joy or sorrow, and as a symbol of good dutiful brother to the older.Spouse between Rama and Laksmana became an inspiration for us of how always respect to our family.And Laksmana is always willing to sacrifice to his brother Rama.

LAKSMANA (Wayang leather puppets Souvenier) Hanging Wall Decoration price is Rp. 700.000 ( US$ 78 )

Note...!!! All the above price is not including delivery cost.

How to Buy Bali Traditional Shadow Puppets:

  • We do not have ready stock, each purchase order must be 1 or 2 weeks prior and the payment 50% deposits in accordance with the figure of puppet characters are ordered.
  • The minimum order shall be one pair and then served.
  • Then, there will be a notice informed after the goods ready to be sent to your e-mail address.
  • The leather puppets will be sent after the buyer make full payment.
  • We use services of the Post Office for delivery into your home address.
  • We only accept payments via bank transfer through the Goverment Bank of Indonesia (BNI).
  • Shadow Puppets price above do not include postage.

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