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Brief history from the existence of a tourist attraction volcano Kintamani Lake Batur Bali is closely associated with the presence of volcanoes in Indonesia.

Indonesian country including Bali island, there are so many volcanoes found about 500 volcanoes across this archipelago, which stretched from areas along the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Banda Islands, Halmahera, to Sulawesi which forms an arc of volcanoes.

While 127 categorized as an active volcano, or (about 13% from composition of active volcanoes exist throughout the world) and 2 of them are found in Bali island, namely: Mount Batur (located in Penelokan village - Batur - Kintamani - Bangli - the northeast area of Bali island with height 1.717 meters) and Mount Agung (situated in Besakih village - Rendang - Karangasem eastern part of Bali island with height 3.142 meters above sea level).

Kintamani Bali Volcano And Lake Batur

Bali Volcano Lake Batur Reviews Information

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Kintamani Bali Volcano And Lake Batur

According to the observation of volcanology department in Bali, two (2) of these volcanoes until now still active,

Especially the existence of Batur volcano based on records from "Museum Geopark Kintamani", that Batur volcano has erupted more than 26 times, which the first eruption began in 1804 and the last eruption which occurred in 2000.

From these eruptions thus making a huge puddles of lake with area ​​about 16 km2, located right on the slopes of batur volcano. The biggest volcano eruption, which occurred in 1963 has brought a huge impact and caused much damage to the infrastructure of existing buildings.

So with the presence of volcano and lake Batur indeed save the amazing natural beauty that able to attract tourists to visit this area, as well as lake Batur, which incidentally is the largest lake located in Bali island. With dominant function of lake batur and other lakes (Beratan / Bratan lake, Buyan lake, and Tamblingan lake) are commonly used for water irrigation (Subak) to all the rice fields around Bali island.

The area of Penelokan Kintamani indeed save the charming natural beauty, with the existence interesting place of "KINTAMANI VOLCANO and LAKE BATUR" that able to attract tourists to visit this place.

Short Definitions About Volcano

Regarding the understanding of volcano, which can also be interpreted as an event of release a part of magma into the earth's surface, that forms the truncated cone which at its peak there were craters and sometimes filled with water that eventually becomes a lake (Crater Lake).

Source eruption of volcano can be classified into four types, namely:

  • Center eruption, which means an eruption out directly through the main crater.
  • Side eruption, means eruption out from body slopes of the volcano.
  • Slit eruption, namely eruption appeared on fracture that extends to several kilometers.
  • Eccentric eruption, is an eruption of magma that came out not from the central crater, but from the magma chamber through the vents of crater themselves.

Regarding volcano structures divided into four categories, namely:

  • Crater structure, which means negative craters morphology / pressure due volcanic activities that relatively circular shape.
  • Caldera structure, it means morphology like craters with diameters more than 2 kilometers.
  • Fracture structure / graben, is in body volcano that extends reached of ten kilometers and deep in reaching about thousands of meters. Parallel fractures resulted in collapse of fracture between the blocks, named of Graben.
  • Tectonic structure caused of volcano pressure (Volcano tectonic), is characterized by the formation of mountain range that is associated with the formation of volcano due the large volume expansion acid of magma to the surface from the earth's crust. This depression can reach size of tens of kilometers with a depth of thousands of meters.

Materials resulting from volcano eruption are the primary hazard, such as:

  • Lava flow
  • Pyroclastic flow
  • Pyroclastic flakes
  • Lava eruptions
  • Poisonous volcanic gas
  • Rain mud


Secondary danger from volcano, namely:

  • Lava rain
  • Flash floods
  • Avalanches volcanic

The Existence Of Bali Kintamani Volcano And Entrance Fee Ticket

Glance about existence of batur kintamani volcano, yore is one of the ancient mountain has a height almost equal with Agung volcano which located in rendang karangasem, because of Batur volcano has erupted 26 times, according to records from Batur geopark museum so that finally the late height of volcano as we can see now only 1,717 meters from sea level, and this area has relatively cold weather with temperatures around 16 - 18 degrees celsius at night.

Regarding the area attractions kintamani volcano lake batur is currently the only one of very famous tourist destination, and frequently visited by many tourists when enjoying bali holiday tour packages. Based of tourism development in Bali island, where development of tourism industry known by tourists have begun around 1970th.

In line with many travelers who comes to visit this tiny island, to enjoy the holidays and begin known more familiar about the beauty of natural scenery in Bali island.

Besides the beauty of mountains that stretches from west to east region, also the beauty of lakes, such as Lake Batur (Bangli regency), Lake Beratan / Bratan - Bedugul (Tabanan regency), and Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan (Singaraja regency).

In addition, Bali island also save the beauty of compelling natural beaches, such as Kuta beach with beautiful and challenging waves for surfers from all over the world to come give it a try, Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua beach is the gateway of all water sports activities, Sanur beach with pretty calm waves,

Also Jimbaran beach (which so well known with neighborhood restaurant that offer seafood) and frequently visited by tourists when finished from doing tours of Uluwatu monkey forest temple, coupled with views of beautiful sunset, as well as other beaches situated in southern part of bali island.

Especially for you who were having a holiday in Bali island, who intend and want to visit Kintamani volcano tourist area, will be charged entrance fee Rp. 30,000 ticket quoted per person (Updated 2016 entry / admission fee ticket), while for vehicles parking ticket will be charged Rp. 5000 quoted per vehicle.

To know in detail what are "VARIOUS TYPES BALI HOLIDAY TOUR PACKAGES" available, we please you to refer the following page, such as:

Mileage To Reach The Area Of Bali Volcano Kintamani Lake Batur

The existence area of bali volcano lake batur, is situated at Penelokan area - Kintamani - Bangli - Bali. This place is very easy to reach by any kind of vehicles, while the mileage to get to Kintamani area, can be reached about 2.5 hours from Denpasar city (now: capital of bali), heading to the northeast part.

There are 4 (four) roads access that are passable to get to kintamani area, namely:

To know more about what the price of car hire for a half-day tour or further information how much the cost of van charter / vehicle rental in one full day trip to penelokan kintamani bali volcano lake batur or other tourism object around bali, we please you to refer the following page.

"List Price Of Car Hire For A Half Day Tour or Cost Of Vehicle Rental (Van Charter) For Full Day Trip Around Bali"

Along the height of tourist arrivals are heading to Kintamani area, causing the area of batur volcano becomes favorite tourist destination, that most visited by both domestic tourists during the school holidays or by foreigners when enjoying holiday trip in an island with thousands of temple.

To find a guide on how to easily set plan, prepare, and what it takes to organize half day trip or full day tour to visit the area of kintamani volcano and other places of interest, we please you to open and read the following page:


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So the above information is a brief reviews explaining about the area of kintamani bali volcano and lake batur, will also be a useful general overview for you who intend and want to determine an interesting tours, also as a consideration about, "Where the most top leading location", "How To Do", "Which One" and "What The Best" that should be required in planning to arrange and organizing a half day tour or full day sightseeing tour and how to set a day trip plan for a nice, comfortable and fantastic holiday, also creates an exciting family vacation while enjoying your best holiday travel, (lovely journey) for a half day trip or full day tour with friends or your beloved family in Bali island..

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