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Full Day Tour: Kintamani Bali Volcano & Besakih Hindu Mother Temple

Kintamani Bali Volcano & Besakih Mother Temple Tour is really one of the most popular full day combination trip, which substantially this holiday activity will visit Volcano Lake Batur and explore the most fascinating tourists object of a fantastic Hindu Shrine Besakih.

Both of these main tourist destination located at northeast part of Bali island, Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur situated at Bangli regency and Besakih Bali Hindu Mother Temple at Karangasem regency.

However this is a wonderful traveling activity, because in essence this awesome one day tours will obviously discover more detailed,

concerning the real grandeur that contained in the center of this Bali paradise island with thousand of temples.

This vacation trip package is one kind of a huge full day tour activity, with range of exciting tourism object which will be frequented,

hence within this sightseeing journey, you can understand the whole detail more descriptive.

In the meantime,

You may definately have a much further experience which in contact with all natural beauty of Bali countryside, Wonderful cultures, Unique traditional customs, Arts and handicrafts also Hospitality of local Balinese people.

Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur & Besakih Mother Temple Tour


Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur & Besakih Mother Temple - Bali, Volcano, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur & Besakih Mother Temple

Moreover, you will additionally get the opportunity to have more information in relation to the existence of Hindu temple (Pura), which is basically a sacred area with function as an adoration place for Balinese hindu society.

Beside that, you will also be able to enjoy the beauty natural scenery of Agung mountain and Batur volcano, as well as the elegance Besakih mother temple with rural landscape during the trip.

Related to how much time duration travel schedule of Northeast Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur and Karangasem Besakih Mother Temple Tour, generally are going to spend time around 10 - 11 hours.

The activity of this tour usually will begin at 8:30 am and return at 6:00 - 7:00 pm, with pick-up region around: Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Ubud.

Besakih Bali Mother Temple - Karangasem, Bali, Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Besakih Bali Mother Temple

Holiday trip to Kintamani Volcano and Besakih Mother Temple is a popular full day tour package that strongly suggested by Sorga Bali Tours (Best organizer for Bali holidays - Bali adventure packages and Bali tour service activities),

for you who want to visit and explore the northeast part of Bali paradise island which rolled up in one day trip packages.

And one more thing, this Kintamani Volcano and Besakih Hindu Temple tour package is a private sightseeing trip (private tour journey).

Which means, only you and your group that will go and will not be combined (shared) with other groups of people (Sharing tour),

In addition, all travel journey that we offer are supported by an experienced driver also powered by full - Air conditioned vehicle and a complete car permit for tourist transport, so it will make your sightseeing trip become more enjoyable.

All sightseeing tours that we provide both half-day trip or full-day tour about the prices are quoted per vehicle (not per person !), with maximum passenger capacity up to 7 people in one vehicle.

Details Itinerary Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur and Besakih Bali Hindu Mother Temple Tour

Kintamani Volcano Lake Batur and Besakih Mother Temple Tour Itineraries:
Batubulan Barong and Keris Dance
Batubulan Batik and Hand Weaving
Celuk Gold and Silver
Mas Wood Carving
Ubud Village of Art and Painting
Goa Gajah Bali Elephant Cave Temple
Coffee and Fruit Plantations
Kintamani Restaurant Lunch Break
Besakih Bali Hindu Mother Temple

Batubulan Barong and Keris Dance


Is the first visit to see traditional balinese show of Barong and Keris dance, which will be performed for 1 hour. Price admission ticket Rp. 100,000 will be charged per person.

Barong and Keris Dance - Batubulan Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Barong and Keris Dance

The dance performance starts at 9:30 am until 10:30 am, and the dance theme story is taken from Hindu epic story of "Mahabharata" which tells about duality of life in between good and bad.

Barong and Keris dance was included into the category of "Bebali" dance with a half function for ritual and the other half for entertainment.

Batubulan Batik and Hand Weaving


Will be the next visit, here you will have the opportunity to see and get to know more closely about the process of making batik fabric pattern on white material, also demonstration manufacture of woven fabrics that still using traditional methode.

Batik Hand Weaving - Batubulan Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Batik Hand Weaving

So this could be an inspiration, and you will be able to understand directly about the art of batik and traditional weaving from Batubulan village, besides the batik cloth also can used as souvenirs from bali.

Celuk Gold and Silver


Will be the third place to be visited, Celuk art village is a jewelry centre crafts of gold and silver, in hands this skilled artists has made Celuk village very well known as a center of souvenir jewelry with manufacture process which still using a traditional methode.

Gold And Silver - Celuk Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Gold And Silver

All the expertise on how the processing of gold and silver that they get is a legacy passed down through generations, as well as the work of Celuk artist already famous throughout the entire world.

Mas Wood Carving


Is next art village to be visited, and this village has become the center of wood carving, also being central craft of all furnitures.

So in this area you can see immediately and clearly how skilled of the artists chiselling wood when creating of an amazing work art.

Wood Carving - Mas Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Wood Carving

Besides, all the skills that they get in general is the ability inheritance down - for generations, and even some self-taught ability, in addition there is also a school of art that is teaching specifically on engraving especially for the younger generation.

Ubud Village of Art and Painting


Is the next destination to be visited and like the existence of other art villages contained in all districts of Gianyar Bali, Ubud art village very famous because this region is becoming centre artists of painting, also supported by the galleries and art museum that make Ubud area becomes a village which is the goal of inspiration for all artists of painting.

Art And Painting - Ubud Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Art And Painting

Because of its so beautiful scenery possessed from Ubud tourist area that makes many artists, both from inside and outside the country fell in love with the existence of this art village, such as Rudolf bonet, Walter spies, Antonio blanco and many other great artists who cherish the presence of this Ubud art village.

Even as recently this one famous artist Julia Robert also held filming their movie titled: Eat, Pray and Love that everything is done in Ubud tourist area.

The facts declared Ubud does have very beautiful charm nature and exotic, in addition to being the center of art also store various flagship attractions, such as: tropical rainforest of Ubud monkey sanctuary (Bali native animal), Ubud art market area, and the region of Ubud palace.

Goa Gajah Bali Elephant Cave Temple


After visiting all the tourist attractions of art villages, as the next visit will be heading straight to the location of Goa village - sub-district Bedulu - Gianyar regency.

Where in this place there is a site of archaeological heritage from the 11th century in the form of name Pura Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave temple), which is the sacred relics from the royal era of King Sri Bedahulu, and the Elephant Cave temple was very well known throughout the entire world.

Goa Gajah Bali Elephant Cave Temple - Gianyar Bali Hindu Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Goa Gajah Bali Elephant Cave Temple

Besides the elephant cave temple is also a historical heritage site that has been claimed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a historical legacy which is also protected by the local government laws of bali.

To know further history about the existence of a Hindu temple Goa Gajah, please refer the following page:

"Pura Goa Gajah | Bali Elephant Cave Temple"

The entrance fee ticket to the Elephant Cave temple will be charged at IDR. 15.000 per person (around US$ 1), and has to be paid at the front gate before enter the temple area.

Coffee and Fruit Plantations


In this area, you will be able to see coffee plantations, cloves, fruits, and all kinds of crops, especially coffee, completely with the process of making and processing the coffee beans that are still done traditionally.

Coffee And Fruit Plantations - Bali Bangli Kayuamba Village, Luwak Coffee, Spices, Fruits Plantations, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Coffee And Fruit Plantations

Besides coffee, other things that found here are various types of spices, tea, Roselle and many others, thus making a visit to the tourist area of Sekar Dadi village will become attractively and filled with memorable experience.

Kintamani Restaurant Lunch Break


The next visit will go to the core area from sightseeing trip Kintamani Lake Batur volcano Bali, in this region you will take a break to enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants located at kintamani tourism area decorated with the amazing view area of volcano and lake Batur (Mountain which has been errupted 26 times based on records from "Museum Geopark Kintamani").

Kintamani Restaurant Lunch Break - Penelokan Bangli Volcano Mountain Lake Batur, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Kintamani Restaurant Lunch Break

In this place exactly in the village of Penelokan - Bangli, there are several restaurants which serves excellent dishes with buffet menu or a la carte, even almost all the restaurants also provide halal or vegetarian cuisine.

All restaurants existence here according to hygienic procedures or based on health standards, price admission ticket to Kintamani volcano tourist area will be charged Rp. 10,000 quoted per person, and must be paid at the front gate before entering Kintamani village.

Besakih Bali Hindu Mother Temple


Last stop will visit Pura Besakih often referred as "Bali Mother Temple", a holy place located right on the slopes of Mount Agung (highest volcano in Bali with mountain altitude about 3.142 meters above the sea level).

Besakih Hindu Mother Temple - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions, Temple
Besakih Hindu Mother Temple

Besakih temple was built in the 8th century by a Hindu spiritual leader named "Rsi Markandeya".

How to get to this sacred area of Besakih shrine very easy to reach, with mileage about 2.5 hours from Denpasar city.

Word of Besakih itself comes from the word "Basuki / Basukiar / Basukih / Wasuki" means "Safe / Sacred".

For you, who want to explore Besakih Temple will be charged an admission ticket with the cost IDR. 30.000 /rates quoted per head.

Updated Price List 2017 Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur and Besakih Hindu Mother Temple Tour cost:US$ 60 rates quoted per vehicle

Things Included in Kintamani Bali Volcano and Besakih Temple Tour Price:

  • Fully air - conditioned Vehicle
  • English speaking driver
  • All parking fees
  • All toll charges
  • Petrol

Things Not Included:

  • Cost of your lunch
  • All kinds of other personal expenses
  • Cost of admission ticket (entrance fee)

Price List All Tourists Objects Entry Fee Ticket
  • BATUBULAN VILLAGE to watch traditional Barong and Keris dance, entrance fee ticket will be charged at IDR. 100.000 rates quoted per person.
  • PURA GOA GAJAH (ELEPHANT CAVE TEMPLE) to visit historic sites as a holy place of Hindus - Buddha, with the cost of entry fee ticket will be charged at IDR. 30.000 rates quoted per person.
  • KINTAMANI AREA to visit tourist object of Volcano and Lake batur, with the cost of admission ticket will be charged at IDR. 30.000 rates quoted per person.
  • PURA BESAKIH (Bali Mother Temple) to visit the largest and oldest Bali Hindu Temple, with the admission fee ticket will be charged at IDR. 30.000 /rates quoted per head

How To Do A Tour Reservation (Make A Trip Booking) To Kintamani Bali Volcano and Besakih Mother Temple:
  • Simply fill "Reservation Data" which will be sent via Email, SMS, Phone, or WhatsApp.
  • After completing all reservation data, then "Schedule pick-up" will be submitted.
  • Regarding payment you can do one day before activity, or if urgent you can do on the arrival date of activity.

Terms and Conditions of Booking
  • All costs will be quoted on cash payments
  • Maximum vehicle capacity up to 7 people
  • Activities will be charged per vehicle (not per person)
  • Reservation must be made at least one day before activity

Other information you may want to know for your consideration about:

Beside that, there are several choices of full day combination tours that you can do in one day, if you want to combine a sightseeing trip of Kintamani lake batur bali volcano tour with other places of interest, that can be done in a day as shown below, such as:

Or, suppose you have the detailed own tour itinerary, can also be done by renting a vehicle (hire a transport) with a driver who will always be ready to take you in accordance on your travel route.

Kintamani Map, Bali, Indonesia

So what else are you waiting for ...?

let's go touring with us...!

For detailed information and booking full day tour to Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur and Besakih Mother Temple please "CONTACT US" at Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday, because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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