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Tanah Lot Temple: "Bali Hindu Shrine on Top Sea Rock & Sunset View"

Tanah Lot temple is one area / sacred territory that built on a large boulder sea rock, with beautiful view of silhouette sunset in the afternoon, and function / status from this sacred place as: "Dang Kahyangan / Penyungsungan Jagat" (a temple that used to worship by all balinese hindu community).

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Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple

The existence of Tanah Lot temple believed to be the source of universe prosperities and commonly used by Balinese society to express gratitude to the God (Sang Hyang Widhi) for all the blessings that have been given.

Talking about this sacred region, which lies on the southern coast of Bali island, that precisely located at Beraban village, Kediri sub-district, Tabanan regency. To reach this area is very easily achieved with various types of vehicles (Bus, Car or Motorcycle) with mileage about 15 Kilometers towards the south part of Kediri town.

As for construction of Tanah Lot temple is closely associated with the sacred journey of a Hindu priest named "Danghyang Nirartha / Danghyang Dwijendra" while in Bali he is often called by the name of "Ida Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rauh", and in Lombok him known as "Tuan Semeru" (Semeru; is a name of mountain in East Java).

As written in the inscription of "Dwijendra Tattwa", when he came to Bali island, and in that time was still ruled by "King Sri Dalem Waturenggong" with the central government in Gelgel (Klungkung), around the year 1411 AD or Saka year 1489.

When he came to Bali island, Danghyang Nirartha greeted with great respect because he is a holy priest who was respected for the devotion of a very high against the whole people through spiritual teachings of religion, as well as increased prosperity and overcome all the problems in life.

He is also known in spreading of Hinduism by performing "Dharma Yatra", and Danghyang Nirartha in its mission has spread the teachings of Dharma in a whole of Bali island, and there were a lot of shrines built to raise awareness of the spiritual through teachings of Hinduism.

It is also mentioned on occasions when he runs Dharma Yatra in "Rambut Siwi Temple" in west Bali, then Danghyang Nirartha see the holy light from southeast direction and he followed it until at its source which turned out to be a spring water.

Not far from that source of spring, he eventually found a very beautiful place called "Gili Beo" (Gili means Rock, Beo means: Bird), so Gili Beo is a large rock shaped like "Bird parrots ", and this is the area finally he build a place to meditate and worship to the "God of the Sea "(Varuna).

In this area eventually Danghyang Nirartha start spreading the Hinduism to the local people around Beraban area, and on that time Beraban village headed by "Bendesa Beraban Sakti".

It was also mentioned at the time all Beraban villagers still adheres "Monotheism", and in a short time eventually all followers of Bendesa Beraban Sakti began to leave the monotheistic teachings and become the followers of Danghyang Nirartha to understand Hinduism.

Therefore, the incident eventually made Bendesa Beraban Sakti start blaming Danghyang Nirartha and Bendesa Beraban Sakti finally began to gather several of his followers who were still loyal to expel Danghyang Nirartha out of Beraban village.

With the spiritual power owned by Danghyang Nirartha, eventually he protect himself from attacks Bendesa Beraban Sakti by moving the large boulder sea rock places which used for his meditate into the sea and create a lot of snakes with a shawl around the rocks as protectors and guardians of these places, then he gave the name of "Tanah Lot" means the piece of land in the middle of ocean.

In the end Bendesa Beraban Sakti recognizes supernatural and spiritual power from Danghyang Nirartha then Bendesa Beraban Sakti finally become his followers.

After some time, before he continued his Dharma Yatra, he also gives a holy kris which known with the name of "Ki Baru Gajah" to the leader of Bendesa Beraban Sakti, and until recently Kris Ki Baru Gajah tucked neatly in "Puri Kediri" (Kediri palace).

This heirloom is very sacred by all the people and consecrated through a ritual ceremony that held every "Kuningan" by holding the heirloom while walking on foot about 11 kilometers to Pakendungan temple located about 300 meters from Tanah Lot temple.

Regarding temple ceremony at Pura Luhur Tanah Lot held every 210 days, on the day of "Buda Wage Langkir" in balinese calender.

Until now Tanah Lot temple is so well-known and frequently visited by tourists, both local tourists, domestic and foreigners when they enjoy bali holiday tour packages, and the price of entrance fee ticket for you who intend to visit Tanah Lot temple will be charged at IDR 60.000 per person.

Besides the beauty of sacred hindu temple on the ocean also with the presence of the amazing silhouette views of sunsets, thus made until now Tanah Lot temple becomes a favorite tourist destination as a mainstay from Tabanan regency.

For further explanation from tourist attraction of Tanah Lot temple and how to arrange sightseeing trip to this sacred area, please "Contact Us" at Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Bali tour service activities).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday, because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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