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[Jatiluwih tour program] Popular itinerary Jatiluwih Bali rice terrace tour

Jatiluwih Bali Rice Terraces tour program is the most famous full-day trip itinerary that will pleasure your holiday time to be a memorable one, to see the stunning charms of very popular panoramic ricefield-terracing, that recognized by UNESCO as one of world heritage site, also exploring other interesting tourist object in a schedule one-day tour package Jatiluwih-Bali.

Subak Jatiluwih Rice Fields Terraces (UNESCO) Bali World Heritage Site tour program (sightseeing schedule) - Mengwi, Taman Ayun, Royal Temple, Jatiluwih, Penebel, Village, Rice-Terraces, Wanasari, Tabanan, Bali Butterfly Park, Tanah Lot, Hindu, Shrines, Beraban, Attractions
Subak Jatiluwih Rice Fields Terraces (UNESCO) Bali World Heritage Site tour program (sightseeing schedule)

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces trip itinerary is absolutely very exciting, with its popular program able to satisfy your vacation when exploring wide stretched of paddy trails which neatly arrange like rug on the slopes of Batukaru mountain, situated at Penebel sub-district, Tabanan regency.

With the glow beauty rural nature from ricefield terraced of Subak Jatiluwih is truly fascinating, supported with the elegance atmosphere from green mountain air will also pamper your view when set foot step on this small village.

Because of this charming sight that made Jatiluwih village has been recognized by (UNESCO) becomes one of the world heritage site, which is so well-known and frequently visited by a large number of tourists from entire world when enjoying Bali holiday tour packages.

And Subak Jatiluwih tourism area also becomes one of the mainstay tourist places owned by Tabanan regency, which located at northwest part of Bali paradise island.

So Jatiluwih rice-terraces tour package will be one of a top-rated tour activity with its core program will exploring the overall beauty of ricefield-terraced scenery, also visit other attractive tourist spot in one day.

Subak Jatiluwih Rice Fields Terraces (UNESCO) Bali World Heritage Site trip itinerary (travel plan) - Mengwi, Taman Ayun, Royal Temple, Jatiluwih, Penebel, Village, Rice-Terraces, Wanasari, Tabanan, Bali Butterfly Park, Tanah Lot, Hindu, Shrines, Beraban, Attractions
Subak Jatiluwih Rice Fields Terraces (UNESCO) Bali World Heritage Site trip itinerary (travel plan)

This travel plan is one of the best full-day sightseeing, and Jatiluwih trip has a complete itineraries, also supported with varieties interesting programs in it, that make this outing becomes one of the most favourite recreation options.

Even in this tours, you can also get a better understanding related about the unique Local tradition, Friendliness from local Balinese communities, also to know more closely about unique temple history,

which is one of a sacred place (Pura) for Hindu Balinese community with a full characteristic historical background, in addition to enjoying the natural scenery, especially the charming sight of its rice-field terraces (Bali off the beaten track).

So overall...Jatiluwih Bali travel program is one of a highly recommended full-day tour, from Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Bali tour service activities),

for you to be able to explore all the elements with introduction of all aspects, that packed in one-day Bali tour package.

Subak Jatiluwih Rice Fields Terraces (UNESCO) Bali World Heritage Site Journey List (Outing Agenda) - Mengwi, Taman Ayun, Royal Temple, Jatiluwih, Penebel, Village, Rice-Terraces, Wanasari, Tabanan, Bali Butterfly Park, Tanah Lot, Hindu, Shrines, Beraban, Attractions
Subak Jatiluwih Rice Fields Terraces (UNESCO) Bali World Heritage Site Journey List (Outing Agenda)

While regarding schedule of this Jatiluwih sightseeing usually will take at least around 7 to 8 hours or maximum 9 to 10 hours.

And it will start with pick up time at 09:00 AM from your hotel stay, and will be finished at 06:00 PM,

With pick-up area normally around:

Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Denpasar City, Ngurah Rai Airport, Benoa Harbor and Ubud.

Regarding the details schedule itineraries of Jatiluwih rice-terraces tour program, you can read as explained below, ie:

1. Taman Ayun Mengwi Royal Temple
2. Jatiluwih Rice-field Terraces
3. Jatiluwih Restaurant Lunch Break
4. Coffee Plantations
5. Bali Butterfly Park
6. Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple

1. Taman Ayun Mengwi Royal Temple

Taman Ayun Mengwi Royal Temple Tourist Object - Mengwi, Taman Ayun, Royal Temple, Water Garden, Water Palace, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Taman Ayun Mengwi Royal Temple Tourist Object

Taman Ayun shrine (Mengwi Royal temple) will be the first place to be visited, and this sacred area is a holy place or tourist attraction which surrounded by a beautiful water garden.

This sacred area is used as a place to worship by balinese hindu society, especially for those (mostly farmers) who lives around Mengwi village.

This is one of hindu sacred area with its function (status) as "Royal Temple", with the history of Mengwi's itself which has a very close relationship with the existence of Mengwi's kingdom around caka year 1549 or about (1627 AD).

Meanwhile, another name from Mengwi's kingdom, ie: "Mangapura", "Mangarajia" or "Kawiyapura". And Mengwi's kingdom has a long history with various types experiences as a great empire.

According to Mengwi's inscription, Taman Ayun temple built during reign Mengwi's king, named: "I Gusti Agung Putu" in 1632 AD, and finally finished purified in 1634 AD.

While Taman Ayun temple architecture itself was made by a chinese descent from Banyuwangi (East Java) namely: "Ing Khang Ghoew" often called "I Kaco", and he is a friend king Mengwi.

Pura Taman Ayun (Mengwi royal temple) precisely located at Mengwi village - Mengwi sub-district - Badung regency, and mileage to reach Taman Ayun temple around 18 kilometers from Denpasar town (bali capital city).

Regarding meanings contained from word Taman Ayun itself, comes from uric words "Taman" means Garden, and "Ayun / Ayu" means Beautiful.

So literally meaning of "Taman Ayun" is a sacred area surrounded by a beautiful water garden.

Taman Ayun royal temple is a sanctified region used by local balinese hindu people, specifically those residing around mengwi's area, to pray and express gratitude to the god for all the things that have been blessed.

Especially water which came out from Taman Ayun Temple's ground very important in use for irrigation of all ricefields which existed at mengwi village and its surrounding area.

Ritual ceremony routinely held in Taman Ayun temple carried out every 6 months (210 days) in bali calender.

And Royal Mengwi temple has a width area approximately 4 hectares (40.000 M2), with temple altitude around 180 meters - 240 meters above sea level.

Taman Ayun temple also been renovated several times due the eartquake from (Kintamani volcano in Bangli regency and Agung mountain in Karangasem east bali) that struck Bali island, and temple renovation started in 1917, 1937, 1949, 1972, 1976 till looks like now.

Just like any other temples existed in Bali, Taman Ayun holy area also divided into 3 (three) yard, ie:

  • Outer yard (Balinese: "Nista Mandala" / Jaba Sisi)
  • Middle yard (Balinese: "Madya Mandala" / Jaba Tengah)
  • Inner yard (Balinese: "Utama Mandala" / Jeroan)

Until now, Pura Taman Ayun so interesting and famous which frequently visited by tourists from entire world when enjoying bali holiday tour packages.

While price entrance ticket to visits Taman Ayun Temple will be charged at IDR. 20.000 with cost rates quoted per person, and must be paid at front gate before entering this sacred area.

2. Jatiluwih Rice-field Terraces

Jatiluwih Bali Rice-field Terraces Tourist Attraction - Jatiluwih, Village, Penebel, Tabanan, Bali Off The Beaten Track, Tours, Attractions
Jatiluwih Bali Rice-field Terraces Tourist Attraction

Jatiluwih village is going to become the next visit, here you can exploring authentic view Subak Jatiluwih with spectacular panorama bali off the beaten track.

Subak Jatiluwih has a charming sight and has been recognized by United Nation Organizations (UNESCO) becomes one of world heritage site.

Supported with backdrop stretch of green hills, also traditional "Subak Water Irrigation System" which already well-known since ancient times until now.

Entrance ticket visit Jatiluwih village will be charged at IDR. 40.000 per person, and must be paid at front counter before entering Jatiluwih area.

3. Jatiluwih Restaurant Lunch Break

Jatiluwih Restaurant Tourist Places - Sightseeing, Trip, Attractions
Jatiluwih Restaurant Tourist Places

Jatiluwih restaurant will be the next place to stop and take a rest to enjoy lunch time during for one hour,

...while enjoying lunch you can also see a wonderful charm rural landscapes from Jatiluwih rice-field terraced,

In addition, Jatiluwih restaurant provides buffet, kosher food menu or vegetarian menu according to your taste variation.

And the restaurant here also in accordance with hygienic procedures, or based on existing health standards.

So you do not have to feel worry about the condition of the dishes served at Jatiluwih restaurant.

4. Coffee Plantations

Coffee Plantations Tourist Destination - Coffee, Spices, Fruits, Plantations, Bali, Holidays, Sightseeing, Attractions
Coffee Plantations Tourist Destination

Coffee plantations, Fruits and Spices will be your next destination to see the plantation of coffee, cloves, fruit, and all kinds of tropical crops.

Here at this place, you will also get details information to see the processing of coffee beans that still using traditional methode.

At this time there is a famous coffe called "Kopi Luwak",

this is a kind of coffee which processed from animal droppings Luwak (civet).

Which means: Previously the coffee beans will be eaten by the civet itself,

...then on the next day the whole of coffee beans will come out through the civet droppings,

and after obtaining the fermentation in the mongoose body itself.

Next step the coffee beans will be taken and processed with a hygienic system but still using a traditional ways.

After being tested,

...the civet coffee from animal fermentation it could makes the low levels of caffeine contained in it and very decent to be consumed,

thus making the existence of civet coffee increasingly becomes popular right now.

Besides coffee, there are also many other spices and tea that made out of roselle flowers, lemon grass, Ginger and others.

So, a visit to coffee plantations will made your day more attractive and full of memorable experiences.

5. Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park Tourist Spot - Wanasari, Penebel, Tabanan, Bali Butterfly Park
Bali Butterfly Park Tourist Spot

Bali butterfly garden will be the next destination to visit the best spot of wide butterflies area.

Here you can see many of spectacular flying insect which will pamper your eyes and soul while you are watching it.

This place has a great mission to protect the remarkable creature as the real action of nature conservation.

Three aspects that can be discovered here, ie: Conservation, Education and Attraction.

In addition,

the area located strategically just about 30 minutes drive from Tabanan city.

Bali butterfly park backgrounded with the spectacular view of wonderful tropical environment,

and the park as the habitat of the adult butterflies (imago), is designed in such way based on the insects needs.

The tropical beautiful blossoms are dominated the plants as the food of adult butterflies.

This area collects some different colorful variety of butterflies, you can see and observe them feeds flying all around.

Occasionally some butterflies are resting on the leaves of the plants and it gives you taking a picture opportunity on them.

On the way out, you can visit a pupa / chrysalis room. Here you can see hundred of pupa hanging on inside the room,

...and if you are lucky you can sight and observe how the adult butterflies emerge from the pupa.

To entered Bali Butterfly Park will be charged an entrance fee ticket at IDR. 85.000 with the rates quoted per person.

6. Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple

Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple Tourist Area - Beraban, Tanah Lot, Temple, Sunset, Bali, Holidays, Sightseeing, Attractions
Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple Tourist Area

Tanah Lot sea temple will be the last place to be visited, and here you will see a gorgeous holy place which located in southwest of Bali island, precisely situated at Beraban village area, Kediri sub-district, Tabanan regency.

With mileage to Tanah Lot sea temple around 30 kilometers from Denpasar city.

The words of Tanah Lot with literally meaning is, a sacred place that built on sea boulder situated in southern part of Tabanan town.

Regarding temple's function of Tanah Lot shrine as "Dang Kahyangan", that believed to be sources of universe's prosperity

also a sacred place which commonly used by Balinese Hindu community, to honor and express gratitude to all the blessings that have been given from the God.

Hindu Bali sea temple Tanah Lot has a very beautiful ocean view with its nice silhouette afternoon sunset, and this temple built on a huge rock facing sights of Indian ocean.

Tanah Lot holy place built in 16th century, which at that time Bali island ruled by King "Sri Dalem Waturenggong" with its centre government in Gelgel (Klungkung) east bali.

In "Dwijendra Tattwa" inscription described, sea temple Tanah Lot closely related to the spiritual journey of a hindu priest namely: "Danghyang Nirartha",

who came to Bali and Lombok island around the year 1411 Caka or 1489 AD.

Something unique can be found in this temple area is, with the existence of few holy snakes black and white colours,

and sacred snakes that found here believed as an incarnation from shawl which used by Danghyang Nirartha,

when he done meditation and his scarf fall to the ground then becomes sacred snakes.

Until now all holy snakes found here believed in spiritually as temple guards.

While entry fee ticket to visit Tanah Lot bali sea temple will be charged IDR. 60.000 with rates quoted per person.

Finally...that is all the details information from full-day trip schedule of Jatiluwih Bali Rice-field Terraces from us.

So, lastly how's your record ?.

Can't wait to bring your whole family on a Jatiluwih trip ?

Let's go touring together !.

Please read also related about Tips, Price, Car hire in Half-day trip or full-day tour and How to make a tour booking to visit Jatiluwih ricefield-terraced:

Don't forget read also:

Or you can "CONTACT US" for a direct booking

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


Jatiluwih Map, Bali

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