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[Kemenuh travel guide] Tips to do full-day tours Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park holiday travel guide will guided you related of the preparation and things to know about (before you go) also tips how to do a perfect vacation when organizing one-day tour plan to exploring an insect captivity and Tegenungan hidden waterfall tourist object to be more easier, effective & efficient on your expectations.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park Travel Guide - Bali, Kemenuh, Tegenungan, Butterfly Park, Hidden waterfall, Village, Attractions
Kemenuh Butterfly Park Travel Guide

Kemenuh Butterfly Garden tour tips below, will explain in detailed how you can organize a satisfying vacation on your need.

Previously it is indeed admitted generally, that holding a holiday tour at the moment has become a part from one of life's needs, where almost everyone has been ever done it.

In addition to make a day trip touring with a visit to the famous tourist places let alone together with your friends, family or loved ones will definitely be a very exciting moment.

But do you know, to fill the holiday as what you expected, this is usually to be the one thing that you must be considered carefully, especially if you do not hold a clear plan beforehand.

Moreover to do a one-day tourist activities like this, naturally there are several things that you need to know, because with the following basic things, laterly you can use it as a grip references.

So that the holiday time you plan later will become right on target, able to provide a satisfaction and to be a memorable one which matches your expectations.

Tegenungan Bali Hidden Waterfall Tour Tips - Tegenungan waterfall - Bali, Kemenuh, Tegenungan, Butterfly Park, Hidden waterfall, Village, Attractions
Tegenungan Bali Hidden Waterfall Tour Tips anticipate the things mentioned above, in the explanation below Sorga Bali Tours have presented for you a useful holiday guide, contains full suggestions, about some of the best steps that we dedicate it to you specifically.

Where after reading the entire contents of this tips, we think it will be more than enough that you can apply, also how to make up your vacation time to be more exciting.

Besides that, by undertaking a recreation in accordance with the plan, then your vacation time will also be more useful, add insight, also made yourself much closer to the people you care about.

But there is one thing that matters most, ie: how this visit will be able to eliminate "Stress" and your "Boring sense" after doing a routine work.

So, through the following easy steps, you will get a clear and accurate information, about the best way you can apply next.

To understand further detail, please continue reading this preparations below ...!

  • # 1. Made A Clear Planning

Made A Clear Planning - Tips, References, Guides, Advices, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Destinations
Made A Clear Planning

Why we advise you to make a plan, and how necessary is the plan for you to use later on ?.

Definitely, very important ...!

Because by doing a right plan arrangement, then all your vacation activities will run smoothly as you wish.

As for the plan we mean here, concerning the complete information about Kemenuh Bali Butterfly Park and Tegenungan hidden waterfall tours that offered,

At least you should know clearly about what is Kemenuh-Tegenungan tour package (schedule / program / itinerary), such as:

  • Normally how long does Kemenuh-Tegenungan sightseeing trip takes time ?
  • Notice Kemenuh-Tegenungan day tours schedule, such as: what time is it started and finished ?
  • To see detailed Kemenuh Bali Butterfly Park and Tegenungan hidden waterfall tour itinerary, please read: "[Kemenuh tour program] Itinerary Bali full-day tours visit Butterfly park"

  • How much does it cost to take a full-day sightseeing trip Kemenuh-Tegenungan ?
  • To know about price full-day tour package Kemenuh-Tegenungan, please read: "[Kemenuh tour price] Best rates Butterfly park Bali full-day tours package".

  • Is Kemenuh-Tegenungan tours price quoted per person or per vehicle ?
  • If per car, noted also how many passenger capacity in one (1) van ?
  • Consider also, if you are traveling with family especially small children !
  • What things included and not includes in the cost lists ?
  • Note also about the itinerary of Kemenuh Bali Butterfly Park and Tegenungan hidden waterfall tour program, is it as what you expected ?
  • Or if you have own itinerary, can it be combined with other tour during one day sightseeing trip ?
  • Also other important information !

So, by making a mature and accurate plan, laterly you can determine the next right step, to conduct tours in accordance with your financial budget.

Oh ya ... one more thing, We are from Sorga Bali Tours also have been providing a full-day or half-day combination sightseeing tours, which might can be used for your consideration.

Please read: "18 Most Popular Bali Tours Program".

Things that also should be incorporated into your tour planning, for example:

  • What proper clothes to wear when doing Bali tours, (Because of tropical weather).
  • Other needs that you should consider, especially when traveling with children / family.
  • Don't forget to bring lotions to keep your skin away from unwanted things, such as: Sun-block from sunburn, mosquito bites or other).
  • Sun-Glasses, to keep your eyes protected from the sun (because Bali is tropical island).
  • Cash rupiah local currency to pay entrance fee ticket when visit tourist attractions or other personal expenses. Please note: Not all tourist objects in Bali provides an ATM machine !.
  • Toilet paper / wet Tissue for your personal and family sanitation.
  • Camera to capture relaxed and fun moments (Selfie).
  • And other needs that might be considered important to carry.

  • # 2. Do A Previous Survey

Do A Previous Survey - Tips, References, Guides, Advices, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Destinations
Do A Previous Survey

As for the survey we mean here, How you should do a review of "Kemenuh Butterfly Park tourist object" to be targeted.

So that there will be a reference, which you can make a benchmark of information, about what is the best of these attractions.

Or, you can also browse first to get detailed information about:

  • Mileage to the tourist attraction that you will visit ?.
  • Location of tourist destination from where your hotel stay ?.
  • How much is the admission fee ticket of tourist object charged per person, either Adult or Child ?.
  • What interesting things can you get from these attractions ?.

Beside, we also suggest you to read: "Sorga Bali Tours Sitemap" Where on this page, you are be able to see other famous tours that we have summarized.

So, by doing all the surveys that we recommend to you, finally you will have a grip information for your holiday, exactly as you wish.

Don't forget, read also: "[Bali Travel Guide] - How to choose right tour program on your need".

  • # 3. Discuss It Well

Discuss It Well - Tips, References, Guides, Advices, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Destinations
Discuss It Well

After conducting a clear survey and accurately, then the following move specify, and discuss it with friends / girlfriend or your beloved family.

Also explain them clearly from all survey references you have made.

So they will also have at least a slight information about the program of travel package (tourism object) to be targeted.

And by doing the right survey, We are confident that the outcome of your holiday will have a great satisfaction.

Even you can also enter the itinerary of your tours into the "Bucket List" which will be useful or you can submit as a travel recommendation materials that are distributed to relatives or other friends.

To whom that might to take the same trip as one of the tourist destination which you've visited before, and indirectly you can share a holiday happiness to your friends later.

Please read also: "Tips Savvy Before Planning Bali Sightseeing Tours".

  • # 4. Rent A Vehicle

Hire A Car - Tips, References, Guides, Advices, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Destinations
Hire A Car

It is also very important to note and inserted into your vacation planning.

Why you should hire a vehicle with driver...?

Because, by renting a car / van either for a half day tour or a full day trip where later,

will allow you easier to access all the locations which to be your destination.

other than that, Another benefit with hiring a car you will automatically feel more comfortable.

Moreover the tropical temperature in Bali island, definitely when the sunny weather will be hot.

So by using a full-air conditioned vehicle will certainly make it all more comfortable.

We also need to say here, that we are from Sorga Bali Tours also provides "Car hire with driver".

And we are very attented about the vehicle cleanliness also the air conditioning to keep your comfort when traveling.

In addition, supported by an experienced english speaking tour driver, as well as fully licensed vehicle for tourism transportation.

So in the end, you will be able to feel a holiday with full comfort.

As for your consideration regarding cost of vehicle rentals,

please read: "Price Car Hire Half-Day Tour & Full-Day Trip Around Bali".

  • # 5. Made A Previous Tour Reservation (Trip Booking in Advance)

Made A Previous Tour Reservation (Trip Booking in Advance) - Tips, References, Guides, Advices, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Destinations
Made A Previous Tour Reservation (Trip Booking in Advance)

In addition to the four (4) points above, the next step after all the references already in your hands, our advice please do a tour booking in advance.

Once again, Why you should make an early reservation...?

Because without your realize, the tour costs might be increased or may be full booking without any prior notice.

Especially during the holidays (peak season), certainly the price will be raised and sometimes no vehicles available due to full bookings.

So to anticipate the above matter, by doing a tour reservation more early, for sure you will still get a reasonable price, which laterly can save the cost of your financial budget.

Again we recommend you to do an advance tour reservation and entrust to one of tours organizer service provider.

For your consideration, we are Sorga Bali Tours (Puja: founder) has been working in tourism industry since 1992, so we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday time in Bali.

  • # 6. Things Needed When Visit A Tourist Object

Things Needed When Visit A Tourist Object - Tips, References, Guides, Advices, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Destinations
Things Needed When Visit A Tourist Object

For the next sixth step,

In this case you also need to know as a grip information on what things you should pay attention to, while visiting the area of tourist attraction later on.

Because in most tourist objects which contained in Bali island, especially when you entering temple area (holy places) or while visiting monkey forest (Bali native animals), you will most certainly need the following important information, such as:

  • Upon entering the sacred area (Pura), where at the front gate before entering the hindu temple, there will be announcements for visitors, especially for women during the "Period of menstruation" is strictly forbidden to entering temple.
  • If you are going to visit a Hindu temple, you will be required to use a "Sarong" or "Shawl" (usually free available at the front counter when paying entry ticket), and this is a respect atitude for the existence of holy place.
  • Not allowed to take pictures using flash on the camera, so try to turn off the camera flash light when taking photos, especially when you see people praying, so in this case you will not disturb the prayer's situation.
  • Another important thing that you should know, if you intend to visit monkey forest (Bali native animals) should always be aware of all your personal items, such as: Sun-Glasses, all jewelries, hats, and other hand bags.
  • Because unconsciously, it could be quickly taken by the monkey, and if you don't want to feed the monkeys, keep your distance and open your hand.

Do not put your hand in the pants pocket when walking in to the monkey forest area,

Because most monkeys will find out, if there is food that you hide in your pocket, pants, or bags.

and it could be the monkeys will jump on your body to find food.

So our advice, always open your hand while walking around as a sign that you are not carrying anything.

and when walking around please always keep the distance, do not get too close to the monkeys.

Oh ya ... don't also made a strong eye contact when the ape animals approach you !.

Try not to be panic, just get used to your attitude when passing in front of these monkeys,

This action is the most important, never once in a while to touch the body of monkeys, because monkey is a very sensitive animal, and most likely the monkey will attack you instantly.

Even if you want to take any photos of the monkeys, please try to keep your distance and not get too close to them !.

  • # 7. Bring "CASH" while you are traveling

Bring "CASH" while you are traveling

It also needs to be considered, because with bringing cash then you will not feel confused and worry to buy something, or when paying entrance (fee) ticket to enter the tourist destination.

Because in some tourism object in Bali not providing ATM Machine.

So how to anticipate the above matter, we recommend you to bringing cash when you do traveling.

STRICT NOTE: if you want to buy something using cash with Indonesian Rupiah, we suggest you to look it carefully...!, because our local currency has many zero. So please don't get confused...! comes also to the end of the explanation, about "Things to know & Tips to do full-day tour to visit Kemenuh Butterfly Park and Tegenungan Bali hidden waterfall" from us.

Related to the 7 important travel tips above, we can conclude it, ie:

  • # 1. Made A Clear Planning
  • # 2. Do A Previous Survey
  • # 3. Discuss It Well
  • # 4. Rent A Vehicle
  • # 5. Do Previous Reservation
  • # 6. Things Required
  • # 7. Bring Cash

So for final words on this explanation, we think is already more than enough that you can hold as a reference if you want to organize a holiday tour preparation to visit Kemenuh Butterfly Park and Tegenungan Bali hidden waterfall.

Where in the end you will be able to create a best and fun vacation plan for you, friends, or your beloved family.

And there's one more thing, if you still have unclear information that need a detailed explanation, please don't hesitate to "CONTACT US" at Sorga Bali Tours (online organizer for holidays, Adventure package and Bali tour service activities).

We are really appreciate for every questions given, also we will try to do our best to plan your holiday, ... because we understand very well, that your satisfaction is our goal.


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