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Bedugul botanical garden tour - Tours visit Bali botanic park

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Bedugul-Bali Botanical Garden

If you get bored with holiday atmosphere as usual... it never hurts once in a while to try something new,

for example, by holding an alternative tours while on vacation in Bali.

But the thing is...

what tourist program can laterly made your holiday more impressive ?

Don't worry...this time Sorga Bali Tours has summarized one of the most attractive itineraries that you can do in one day,

ie: "Full-day tour package visit Bedugul Bali Botanical Gardens".

To see the charming beauty of an authentic Bali countryside,

In addition, this Bali botanic park tour also supported with its really interesting itineraries,

to exploring variety selected tourist destinations which definitely will make you reluctant to go home.

For more details about the itineraries Bedugul Bali botanical garden tour, please see the map and explanations below...!

and the red circles are route of tourist destinations that you will visit.

Itineraries Bedugul Botanical Garden Tour
Itineraries Bedugul Botanical Garden Tour



Taman Ayun Mengwi Royal Temple
Taman Ayun Mengwi Royal Temple

Taman Ayun Temple will be the first tourist object you will visit,

to see the beautiful scenery of a Hindu shrine situated at Mengwi village.

The attraction of this temple is undoubtedly and so alluring,

because, it is located in the middle of a fairly large pool of water.

The source of water that flows from Taman Ayun pond,

also functioned by Mengwi's communities and surrounding for the rice fields irrigation (Subak).

So no wonder...,

every ceremony held in this temple,

the local residents were very enthusiastic come to follow the ritual,

as an express sense of gratitude to the God,

for all the blessings of abundance water.

If you want to know more information,

please read: "Taman Ayun Temple".


Herbal Coffee Tasting
Herbal Coffee Tasting

Once being satisfied to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Taman Ayun temple,

Your next trip will visit fruit and coffee plantations at Baturiti village.

Here, you will also see how to process coffee beans which still use traditional methods.

Do you know,

currently there is one type of coffee that is very famous,

often referred as "Kopi Luwak".

Coffee beans which processed from animal waste (Civet).

After being tested, it turns out that Civet coffee has low caffeine levels,

so it is very suitable for consumption.

In addition of coffee,

there are also variety types of tea that made out from various herbs, rosella flowers, lemongrass, ginger and others.

Guaranteed... your visit to this tourist spot,

will make your vacation much more interesting, full of unique experiences and unforgettable.


Bedugul Botanical Garden
Bedugul Botanical Garden

After exploring fruit and coffee plantations,

your next visit will heading straight to the popular Bedugul Bali botanical gardens tourist attraction.

When entering this tourist spot,

you will feel the real calm and peaceful Bedugul atmosphere.

Along the way heading to the centre area of Bali botanic park,

also adorned with a series of statues taken from the legendary story of "Ramayana".

A Hindu epic story which happened in India.

Do you know...

According to historical legends, and based on archeological research

Ramayana is a true story happened in "TRETA YUGA" era, around 1.750.000 years ago.

The story also tells about the long bridge construction called "Situbanda".

A unique bridge shaped "Curve", located in "Palk Strait" (between India and Sri Lanka),

made of pumice stone with a length about 323 miles (600 Km).

This is a clear proof of the bridge that made by the Monkey troops,

under strict supervision of "Sri Rama" which is the incarnation of God.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of Eka Karya Bedugul botanical garden,

You can also see various types of Orchid plants, cactus, and others.

Guaranteed your visit to Bali botanic park,

will made your holiday experience to be unforgettable one.

For more detailed explanation of this tourism object,

please read: "Bedugul Bali Botanical Garden".


Candi Kuning Fruits and Vegetables Market
Candi Kuning Fruits and Vegetables Market

After roamed around to see the beauty of "Eka Karya" Bedugul botanical garden,

for your next destination,

will visit the centre place of fruits and vegetables market situated at Candi Kuning village.

Here you will see the wide variety of local agricultural products,

from various kinds of vegetables to the fruits and other spices which are native products from tropical area.


Ulun Danu Lake Bratan Temple
Ulun Danu Lake Bratan Temple

For the next destination,

Your trip will visit the favorite tourist spot of Ulun Danu Beratan temple.

This holy place is one of most popular tourism destination among tourists.

Because located at lake Bratan region.

When enter this attraction, You will see immediately the beautiful stretch of lake

also the amazing view of Ulundanu temple around it.

A temple which was built on the lake area,

so it looks floating with backdrop view of really beautiful mountains.

This is also the main reason, why Ulundanu temple is so famous until now.

Detailed explanation, please read: "Ulun Danu lake Bratan Temple".


Mentari Restaurant Lunch Break
Mentari Restaurant Lunch Break

After reviewing the beautiful Ulun Danu Beratan temple,

Next destination,

will go directly to one of the restaurants still located at Bedugul area.

Here you will take a rest for one (1) hour to savor the delicious buffet lunch,

at a restaurant with its view overlooking the lake area.

You don't need to worry in here...

because the restaurants besides serving buffet or a la carte dishes,

also provides halal or vegetarian food menu to suit your taste.

In addition, the restaurants in this tourist spot

also in accordance with hygienic procedures based on existing health standards.

So you will feel free to enjoy lunch,

while viewing a very beautiful natural scenery of lake Bratan.


Tanah Lot Sea Temple
Tanah Lot Sea Temple

For the last trip before returning to the hotel,

You will visit a famous sacred temple of Tanah Lot,

which located at Beraban village.

This tourist spot has a very beautiful view,

standing upright on a huge sea rock facing to the Indian ocean.

When the high tide rises,

Tanah Lot temple will looks floating in the middle of the sea.

Also the beauty of its sunset views, so enchanting...

This is the main reason,

why Tanah Lot temple is so famous in all over the world.

Further description, please read: "Tanah Lot Sea Temple".

Read also:

Finally... coming up also to the end explanation of

7 captivate full-day itineraries to visit Bedugul Bali Botanical Garden

Lastly how you think, interested?

Let's go touring together!

For detailed Information, Tour price and Booking please read:

Best offer: "Price full-day tour visit Bedugul Bali botanical garden"

or you can "CONTACT US" straight at Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Packages).

We would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


Bedugul-Bali Botanical Garden Map

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