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Besakih Bali Mother Temple Tour

Full Day Besakih Bali Mother Temple Tour - Batubulan, Batuan, Celuk, Mas, Ubud, Village, Kayuamba, Kertagosa, Taman Gili, Klungkung, Bukit Jambul, Besakih, Bali, Tour, Excursion, Program, Trip, Itinerary, Plan, Schedule, Volcano, Lake, Mountain, Leisure, Sightseeing, Holidays, Vacation
Most Famous Full Day Besakih Bali Mother Temple Tour

By knowing a lot of attractive things when enjoying a vacation, surely these thing will made your travel moment to be more enjoyable.

Let alone you can explore other popular attractions scattered throughout the island of Bali, this is what it calls "Traveler's Pride". enrich more your holiday experience, this time Sorga Bali Tours has also summarized one of the most favorite full-day tours,

to discover the authentic Bali countryside through "9 famous tour itineraries Besakih mother temple".

With its core tours program to see the oldest and largest Hindu shrines, which located on the slopes of mount Agung (highest volcano in Bali).

In addition, Besakih sightseeing trip also supported with its interesting tourist schedule, which certainly made your holiday to be unforgettable one.

For more details about the itineraries Besakih Bali mother temple tour, please see the Bali map and explanations below...!.

and the red circles are route of tourist destinations that you will visit.

Tour Schedule Besakih Temple
Tour Schedule Besakih Temple

Slightly Information of Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple is indeed has a very great attraction.

Apart from its stunning view,

also the holy vibrations that radiate from this sacred place are extraordinary.

So its existence becoming center of all holy places that found in a whole island of Bali.

While the location of Besakih area, located right on the slopes of Mount Agung,

which incidentally the highest active volcano with an altitude 3.142 from sea level.

Besakih temple itself built in 8th century as the largest and oldest temple on Bali paradise island.

1. Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village
2. Gold and Silver Celuk Village
3. Balinese Traditional House Compound
4. Wood Carving Mas Village
5. Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village
6. Coffee and Fruit Plantations
7. Kertha Gosa Traditional Court House
8. Bukit Jambul Lunch Break
9. Besakih Mother Temple


1. Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village

Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village
Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village

Batubulan village will be your first visit, to see a famous Balinese traditional dance performance, ie: "Barong and Keris Dance".

The dance held for one (1) hour start at 9:30 to 10:30 AM, with theme taken from Hindu epic story "Mahabharata", which illustrates about duality characters of good and bad from human life.

According to historical research, the true story of Mahabharata happened more than 15.000 years ago in India.

While in Bali...this epic story inserted thru arts of culture which was applied to a traditional dance form, so that enriching the local culture.

In addition, through dances...surely will be more easier to understand the lesson about way of life.

While Barong and Keris dance that existed in Bali is included in typed of "Bebali dance" (with its function as a performance also ritual purposes).

And in general...all dances in Bali divided into three (3) categories, ie:

  • Wali dance (only performed in temples during religious ceremonies).
  • Bebali dance (half for religious ceremonies and performances).
  • Balih-Balihan dance (completely for entertainment only).

So ... Barong and Keris dances included into classification type number 2 (two).

2. Gold and Silver Celuk Village

Celuk Gold and Silver
Celuk Gold and Silver

After watching Barong and Keris dance at Batubulan village, for your next trip will visit Celuk village.

This tourist destination is a center region of all gold and silver crafts in Bali.

Here also ... you will see how the process of making jewelry with high quality, which still use traditional methods.

This is why, Celuk village is so famous in all over the world.

In fact... all skills in processing jewellries are legacy from their previous generation, that passed down through the next generation.

3. Balinese Traditional House Compound

Batuan House Compound
Batuan House Compound

Batuan Village will be your next destination, to see a unique traditional Balinese house compound.

Based on layout concepts of "Asta Kosala - Kosali" and "Asta Bumi", (this is similar to the traditional Chinese concepts of "Hongsui" and "Fengshui").

Here you will know, regarding concept spiritual balance constructions of where local people live.

And for Balinese themselves, this layout is very important, which common used as a basic benchmark in every existing building.

In addition...Balinese also really believe, if they build a house in accordance based on the right concept, then all forms of happiness will always come from all directions.

And this has indeed been proven ...!

4. Wood Carving Mas Village

Mas Wood Carving
Mas Wood Carving

After roamed around in traditional Balinese house compund, Next trip will heading to Mas village.

To visit the center region of all wood carving and furniture handicrafts in Bali.

Here... you will see firsthand the skills of woodcarving artists creates such of amazing artwork.

Do you know... all the expertise they got, generally is a legacy of self-taught through each generation.

In addition, in Mas village there's also an art school which teach specifically about all types of Balinese art.

5. Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village

Art Paintings Ubud Village
Art Paintings Ubud Village

Next will visit Ubud village, which became centre valley of art paintings.

Here you will see skills of local artists, by visiting one of art gallery.

Besides being famous for its art, this region also has a very beautiful rural landscape.

That's the main reason, why so many renowned artists, both from inside or outside the country falling in love with Ubud.

Such as: Rudolf Bonet, Walter Spies, Antonio Blanco and many others, they're all really appreciate with the existence of Ubud art village.

Even recently, one of famous movie star "Julia Robert" also held filming their movie "Eat, Pray, Love" in Ubud Village.

6. Coffee and Fruit Plantations

Herbal Coffee Tasting
Herbal Coffee Tasting

Once being satisfied to see Ubud art paintings gallery, your next trip will visit fruit and coffee plantations.

Here, you will also see how to process coffee beans which still use traditional methods.

Do you know, currently there is one type of coffee that is very famous, often referred as "Kopi Luwak".

Coffee beans which processed from animal waste (Civet).

After being tested, it turns out that Civet coffee has low caffeine levels, so it is very suitable for consumption.

In addition of coffee, there are also variety types of tea that made out from various herbs, rosella flowers, lemongrass, ginger and others.

Guaranteed... your visit to this tourist spot, will make your vacation much more interesting, full of unique experiences and unforgettable.

7. Kertha Gosa Traditional Court House

Traditional Court House
Traditional Court House

Learn much more Klungkung royal relic site in form of Kertagosa traditional building construction.

A place for solving problem concerning with security, prosperity and justice of the Kingdom of Bali.

It was not known exactly who was the founder, but according to Candra Sengkala ( a way of writing the year by using pictures of animal of plant which represents certain figures),

it had been in exist in the year of Caka 1622 or around the year of 1700 AD, when I Dewa Agung Jambe governed the Kingdom of Semarapura.

Kerha Gosa was used to held a meeting by the regional kings throughout Bali,

where his excellency The King of Klungkung gave his direction and decision concerning problem in accordance with the needs and the situation of the Kingdom of Bali.

In April 28th, 1908, when Dutch's soldiers came to Klungkung, The Kingdom of Klungkung was conquered by the Dutch's soldier.

Since then, Klungkung was ruled by the Dutch and Kertagosa building functioned as a court of justice.

8. Bukit Jambul Lunch Break

Bukit Jambul Lunch Break
Bukit Jambul Lunch Break

Once satisfied exploring Kertagosa building, your next stop will be proceed to Bukit Jambul tourist attractions.

Here you will take a rest approximately one (1) hour to enjoy buffet lunch,

at a restaurant with its spectacular scenery over looking the beauty rice fields panorama.

You don't need to worry in here...

because the restaurant besides serving buffet or a la carte dishes,

also provides halal or vegetarian food menu to suit your taste.

In addition, the restaurant in this tourist spot

are also in accordance with hygienic procedures based on existing health standards.

So you will feel free to enjoy lunch, while viewing a very beautiful natural scenery.

9. Besakih Mother Temple

Besakih Mother Temple
Besakih Mother Temple

Besakih mother temple with its spiritual nuance is indeed so exceptional,

not only amongst tourists but also to local Balinese people with its top function to get final stamp of any kind spiritual ceremonials that existed in Bali.

Moreover, the powerful natural energy vibration from Besakih temple no doubt,

that's why these holy region often dubbed as Bali mother temple,

which becomes centre of all sacred shrines which existed in the Island of thousand temples.

In addition, spiritually Besakih shrines also as crown's cakra that radiated as the highest level part in the universe balance concept,

from swastika symbol in Hindu religious teachings.

Pura Besakih is the only one of the oldest and largest temples,

standing upright on the slopes of an active Agung Volcano (one of the highest mountain with an altitude 3.142 meters above the sea level),

which precisely located in Karangasem east Bali.

Read also:

Finally... coming up also to the end explanation of

Besakih Bali mother temple tour package from us

Lastly how you think, interested?

Let's go touring together!

For detailed Information, Tour price and Booking please read:

"Best Price Besakih Bali Mother Temple Full Day Tour Package"

or you can "CONTACT US" straight at Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Packages).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


Besakih Bali Mother Temple Map, Indonesia

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