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Greetings from SORGA  BALI  TOURS, and thank you to you all, who have visited this website. Previously, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Made Puja, and I am 100% original Balinese people, who have been working in the tourism industry more than 18 years until now. And as the people of Bali, I would like to introduce the island, where I was a place that a lot of people already know about the Island of Bali. And also myself on behalf of all the Balinese people (Indonesia), want to thank you very much for all the trust which has been given of other countries to us, also their big support, and encouragement for recovery the island of Bali, by enjoy their Bali Holiday Packages. Armed with the confidence from other countries, we are very appreciative, and also realize how  is so beautiful this harmonious relationship, and the rope ties of friendship of tourism between countries.

By the way ... through this web page, I also intend to introduce a whole range of other activities, especially for those who will come to visit the island of Bali. With various explanations of this web page, may be used as consideration, to determine the best decision you take, when holiday travel to the island of Bali. And we feel very honored, can provide a variety of considerations, as well as an explanation, and the travel plans. So make sure that you are not feel shy, please always feels free to tell us, and with humility, we will try to give you and do the best for your holiday.

And as my final word myself  PUJA, above the name of  SORGA  BALI  TOURS will always be waiting to hear any kind of news from you. Once again, I want to thank you very much, for those who have read the pages of this website.

" OM.....SHANTI.....SHANTI.....SHANTI.....OM "