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Ubud Art Village Bali Half Day Tour Package

Ubud Art Village Bali Half Day Tour Package
Ubud Art Village Bali Half Day Tour Package

The fame of Ubud half day tour indeed already proven familiar among tourists,

because the main of its itinerary will explore the popular Bali art villages, especially art of paintings which has been famous throughout the world.

In fact, there are many famous painters falling in love with the charming beauty from what Ubud area has to offer.

Such as:

  • Antonio Blanco
  • Walter Spies
  • Rudolf Bonet
  • Adrian Jean Le Mayeur
  • and others

In addition to visit the art village,

Ubud half day tour also exploring other variety interesting tourist destination,

as well as: visit Ubud holy monkey forest, Ubud royal palace, Ubud art market and others,

that wrapped neatly in Bali half day tour package.

Below will be explained about detail itinerary of Ubud art village tour,

which definitely made your holiday experience unforgettable one.

First of all, please see the Bali map below!

and all the red circles sign, are routes of various tourist attractions that will be visited in Ubud half day tour package.

Ubud Art Village Bali Half Day Tour Package
Ubud Art Village Bali Half Day Tour Package

Slightly Information of Ubud

Ubud art village does have the best reputation and becomes the most popular tourist area in Bali,

especially in arts and culture sector, also as a center valley of most artists in Bali island.

In addition supported with the existence of several famous art Painting's Galleries (Museums),

thus made Ubud village so well-known and often visited by tourists,

both domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world while enjoying bali holiday tour packages.

The existence of Ubud art village has been widely known by foreign tourists for a long time.

And mostly tourists who come to visit Ubud area because they are so interested in art and culture's beauty that it has,

in addition of panoramic views and natural nuances of its rice fields, also the beautiful rural environment that really spoil the eyes.

Moreover, the cool and calm atmosphere capable to made tourists feel very comfortable in there.

To get to Ubud area, it is not too far from Denpasar City,

it only takes 25 Km, precisely located in Gianyar Regency, and can be reached in about an hour by any kind of transportation.

Ubud also holds many cultural performances, handicrafts, and painting's galleries which are very interesting to visit.

In addition of complete facilities for tourists are also very well provided in Ubud,

as well as there are many restaurants or hotels that offer fantastic views of forest and river.

With its unique rural atmosphere, it's no wonder that the word "Tranquility" is synonymous with Ubud.

1. Barong and Keris Dance
2. Traditional House Compound
3. Herbal Coffee Tasting
4. Ubud Art Paintings
5. Ubud Monkey Forest
6. Ubud Art Market
7. Ubud Royal Palace
8. Lunch Facing Rice Fields View

1. Barong and Keris Dance

Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village
Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village

Batubulan village will be your first visit,

to see a famous Balinese traditional dance performance, ie: "Barong and Keris Dance".

The dance held for one (1) hour, start at 9:30 to 10:30 AM with theme taken from Hindu epic story "Mahabharata",

illustrates about duality characters of good and bad from human life.

According to historical research, true story of Mahabharata happened more than 15,000 years ago in India.

While in Bali... this epic story inserted thru arts of culture which was applied to a traditional dance form,

so that enriching the local culture.

in addition, through dances... surely will be more easier to understand the lesson about way of life.

While Barong and Keris dance is included in typed of "Bebali dance" (with its function as a performance also ritual purposes).

In general...

all dances in Bali divided into three (3) categories, ie:

  • Wali dance (only performed in temples during religious ceremonies).
  • Bebali dance (half for religious ceremonies and performances).
  • Balih-Balihan dance (completely for entertainment only).

So ... Barong and Keris dances included into classification type number 2 (two).

2. Traditional House Compound

Bali Traditional House Compound
Bali Traditional House Compound

Batuan Village will be your next destination, to see a unique traditional Balinese house compound.

Based on layout concepts of "Asta Kosala - Kosali" and "Asta Bumi", (this is similar to the traditional Chinese concepts of "Hongsui" and "Fengshui").

Here you will know, regarding concept spiritual balance constructions of where local people live.

And for Balinese themselves, this layout is very important, which common used as a basic benchmark in every existing building.

In addition...Balinese also really believe, if they build a house in accordance based on the right concept, then all forms of happiness will always come from all directions.

And this has indeed been proven ...!

3. Herbal Coffee Tasting

Coffee, Fruits and Spices Plantations
Coffee, Fruits and Spices Plantations

after roamed around at traditional balinese house compound, your next trip will go to visit fruit and coffee plantations.

Here, you will also see how to process coffee beans which still use traditional methods.

Do you know, currently there's one type of coffee which very famous, often referred as "Kopi Luwak".

Coffee beans which processed from animal waste (Civet).

After being tested, it turns out that Civet coffee has low caffeine levels, so it is very suitable for consumption.

In addition of coffee, there are also variety types of tea that made out from various herbs, rosella flowers, lemongrass, ginger and others.

Guaranteed... your visit to this tourist spot, will make your vacation much more interesting, full of unique experiences and unforgettable.

4. Ubud Art Paintings

Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village
Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village

Next destination... you will visit Ubud village, which became centre valley of art paintings.

Here you will see skills of local artists, by visiting one of art gallery.

Besides being famous for its art, this region also has a very beautiful rural landscape.

That's the main reason, why so many renowned artists both from inside or outside the country falling in love with Ubud.

and they're all really appreciate with the existence of Ubud art village.

5. Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Holy Monkey Forest
Ubud Holy Monkey Forest

After visit the art of paintings gallery,

then next trip will heading straight to Ubud holy monkey forest.

In this tourist attraction you will have a chance to exploring the local primates sanctuary,

which inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.


we really suggest you to read this tips first!

"Things You Should Know Before Visiting Bali Monkey Forest".

Do you know,

Generally all the existence of monkeys animal, that found in Bali (Ubud monkey forest) not in cages,

not like what normally you see animals at the zoo, but their existence are freely roaming around.

And for visitors are strickly not allowed to touch the monkeys, because monkey is very sensitive animals.

So by a visit to monkey forest will really made your holiday experience to be more excited,

especially when you have a chance taking photos with the cute monkeys.

Oh ya, one more thing...

that every visitor who visit monkey forest will also charged an entrance fee ticket:

  • Adult: IDR. 50.000 /per person
  • Child: IDR. 40.000 /per person

6. Ubud Art Market

Ubud Traditional Art Market
Ubud Traditional Art Market

after being satisfied exploring Ubud monkey forest,

then next trip destination will visit Ubud art market, which located in the centre spot of Ubud area.

Ubud art market very popular among tourists, because in here there are many local handycraft products selled.

starting from clothes, bali t'shirts, knick knacks handycrafts and many others.

and Ubud art market opening hours usually starts at 8 am until 6 pm.

So, by a visit to Ubud art market

then you will have a chance to walk around while to see all kinds stuffs peddled,

that might attract your attention to make as for souvenirs.

7. Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace
Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Palace also often referred as "Puri Saren Ubud", is indeed a royal palace area,

which until now still has the best reputation in terms of art and culture.

Because previously when the beginning Ubud area was under leadership of the King "Tjokorde Gede Raka Sukawati",

who proficient in both English and Dutch, took the initiative to welcome the well-known foreign artist composers to live in Ubud area.

And this is also a trend for other foreign artists,

until now, ubud area is very famous and has become a leading tourist destination owned by Gianyar regency itself.

Moreover, most tourists when visiting Ubud Palace,

they can see the atmosphere of Royal Palace closer, which also as the best tourist attraction at this time.

Definitely, a visit to Ubud Palace complex will be a source of pride for tourists.

especially, when the opportunity to take a selfie backgrounded of full carvings royal palace building.

In addition at night, regularly held a Balinese dance performances (Legong Dance).

so that it adds the beauty atmosphere of Ubud Palace tourist area and definitely more interesting to visit,

Tourists also can watch the dance and will be charged an entrance fee ticket per person.

8. Lunch Facing Rice Fields View

Lunch at Restaurant Facing Ricefields View
Lunch at Restaurant Facing Ricefields View

Once satisfied to see the beautiful of Ubud royal palace,

then next stop will visit a restaurant overlooking beauty view of ricefields.

Here you will take a rest approximately one (1) hour to enjoy buffet lunch.

besides serving buffet or a la carte dishes, also provides halal or vegetarian food menu to suit your taste.

In addition, this restaurant is also in accordance with hygienic procedures based on existing health standards.

So you will feel free to enjoy lunch, while viewing Ubud natural rice paddys scenery.

Read also:

Finally... coming up to the end explanation of Ubud Bali art villages tour program from us

Lastly how you think, interested?

Let's go touring together!

For detailed Information, Tour price and Booking please read:

"Best Price Ubud Bali Art Village Half Day Tour Package"

or you can "CONTACT US" straight at Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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