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An attractive popular touring journey that classified into one well-known of Full Day drive 7 - 8 or 9 - 10 hours to easy discover the great beauty of north side paradise rural nature and southwest part from the amazing island Countryside, also visiting other interesting places that selected around it with easier, which famous often visited and common done by tourists while enjoying a trusted Package of Holiday. An excursion that highly suggested and most recommended on Sorga Bali Tours (Trusty Organizer to Arrange Holidays - Adventures - Activities and Provider Touring Services). Easiest suggestion about practical guide how to organize a traveling exhilarated into fabulous and exciting area of Bedugul Ulundanu Beratan - Tanah Lot that suggested with alternatively using Car Charter / Van Rental / Vehicle Hire plus driver. Lowest of cheap reliable price that offered with relatively in affordable budget and reasonable cost. Low of decent deal from all our tariff quoted per transport not based in person nor passenger even wouldn't be combined with other group of people. Day driving will became effective, privately, enjoyable, economically, and frugal in rates. This recommendation is actually very useful to set up about simple advice and organizing of doing a trustworthy vacation will be more exhilarating, pleasant, and extremely comfortable.

Bedugul Ulundanu Lake Beratan - Bali, Hindu, Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Bedugul Ulundanu Lake Bratan Temple

Price One Day Car Charter To Bedugul - Tanah Lot Temple TourUS$ 50 /Vehicle

Please Note :
Trip Cost To Bedugul Tanah Lot Temple Includes :
  • Up to 6 seater Vehicle with Air Conditioner (Registered for Tourism Transport)
  • Qualified English Speaking Tour Guide / Safe Driver (Licensed)
  • Parking Fees
  • Toll Fees
  • Petrol

Things That Not Included:
  • Your Meals
  • All other Personal Expenses
  • Entrance Tickets

Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple - Bali, Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple

Itineraries Places Of Interest Visited With Ticket Price Information
Mengwi Royal Temple
Bedugul Botanical Garden
Candi Kuning Fruit Market
Bedugul Lake Temple
Lunch At Bedugul Restaurant
Tanah Lot Temple

Bedugul and Lake bratan, closely related with existence of Botanical Garden which first founded on 15th July 1959, fairly large about 157.5 Ha (hectares), with temperature relatively cold, around 18 to 20 degress celcius, humidity about 70% to 90%. And regarding Tanah Lot Temple a holy place on a huge sea rock supported by afternoon silhouette sunset built in 16th century by a Hindu priest namely "Danghyang Nirartha".

Mengwi Royal Temple

Taman Ayun Royal Temple - Mengwi, Bali, Hindu, Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Taman Ayun Royal Temple
Mengwi Taman Ayun Bali Royal Temple Hindu sacred area surrounded by beautiful water garden. Admission fee ticket is IDR. 15.000 per person.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

Bedugul Bali Botanical Garden - Tabanan, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Bedugul Botanical Garden
Bedugul Bali Botanical Garden Varieties of Botani can be encountered here such as; Cactuses, Orchids, etc. Entrance ticket cost is IDR. 20.000 /per pax.

Candi Kuning Fruit Market

Candi Kuning Fruit Market - Tabanan, Bedugul, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Candi Kuning Fruit Market
Bedugul Candi Kuning Market sell varieties of tropical fruits, vegetables, and varieties of Spices that growth easily in the island due to the volcanic soil fertility.

Bedugul Lake Temple

Bedugul Lake Temple - Tabanan, Bali, Ulundanu, Beratan, Bali, Hindu, Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Bedugul Lake Temple
Ulundanu Lake Beratan Temple sacred place used by Hindu community to respecting sense gratitude prosperity. Admission ticket worth is IDR. 15.000 /per head.

Lunch At Bedugul Restaurant

Bedugul Restaurant - Tabanan, Bedugul, Bali, Holidays, Tours
Bedugul Restaurant
Lunch Break resting time to enjoy delicious meals at Bedugul Bali Restaurant facing beratan lake view supported by a friendly atmosphere and fresh weather.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple - Tabanan, Beraban, Tanah Lot, Bali, Hindu, Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Bali Hindu Sea Temple amazing temple on the huge rock facing Indian ocean. Entrance ticket rate is IDR. 30.000 /per individual.

Bedugul Lake Temple Map, Bali, Indonesia

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