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Uluwatu Bali Cliff Temple, Monkey Forest, Fire Dance Tour

Uluwatu Sunset Bali Hindu Cliff Temple and Kecak Fire Dance Tour is one kind of half-day sightseeing tour within (4 - 5 to 6 - 7) hours that quite popular which is often done in the afternoon to visit a balinese tourist attraction of Uluwatu temple. A sacred place of Hinduism located right on a steep cliff with its height about 97 meters above sea level. And in around the temple inhabited by hundreds of monkeys that live peacefully in the sacred wilderness forest, these species are constitute native animal of Bali in Latin called "Macaca Fascicularis", type species of long-tailed macaques with a body weight of young male monkey around 8 -10 kg and young female monkey about 4 - 8 kg while baby monkey weighing around 350 grams. The interesting thing about this place is with the existence of a show balinese traditional entertainment kecak fire dance, which held almost every afternoon just before sunset.

Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple - Pecatu Badung Denpasar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple

Uluwatu temple with its status as a "Sad Kahyangan Jagat" (a holy area which used as worshipping place to Siwa Rudra Mahakala aspect also the holy spirit of Danghyang Nirartha by all Hindus in bali island), which stands strongly at southwest side of Bali. The word of "Uluwatu" itself comes from the word "ULU" means "Head" and "WATU" means "stone", so literally Uluwatu word describes about a Parahyangan (shrines) that built on a mound of a very steep cliffs. Uluwatu temple located right in the village of Pecatu, sub-district of south Kuta, and belong to Badung regency, with mileage about 31 km from Denpasar capital city.

The history of Uluwatu temple is closely associated with a Purohito (hindu holy priest) namely "Mpu Kuturan", he came to the island of gods around the year 1039 AD, where at the time there are many sects, such as: sect Brahma, sect Vishnu, sect Shiva, and Buddhism, then by mpu kuturan all kind of sects eventually incorporated into concept of "Tri Murti" and "Rwa bhineda", which means unification of worshipping to Sanghyang Widhi (God) in its manifestation as "Sanghyang Luhur Akasa" (father of sky) and "Sanghyang Ibu Pertiwi" (mother of earth), also 3 (three) main manifestation of God. When on his arrival, Bali island was still ruled by the King of Sri Wira Dalem Kesari with its central power in Koripan Besakih, which located at the foot slope of Mount Agung in the year 1135 AD.

Wide Range Itineraries Places Of Interest Will Be Visited & Ticket Price Information (Code: J - 3)
Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple
Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant

So leisure journey of this Uluwatu temple tour is very well-known and visited by many tourists, even become one of the most favorite tourist attraction, when enjoying Bali holiday package on the island of thousand temple. This trip is highly recommended by Sorga Bali Tours (Best Organizer Bali Holidays - Adventures - Tours - Activities Packages and Sightseeing Tour Service Provider). Travel itinerary of this Uluwatu temple tour is really extraordinary interesting and amazing, because we can see the view of temple, ocean sight, dance entertainment, monkey forest, and silhouette sunset that contained in one tourism object.

To make your holiday travel more fun and exciting, we are offering services system with car hire / vehicle rental plus qualified english speaking driver even though tour for half-day or one full-day. With reliable cost also we will charge per transport and our rates not quoted per person, with maximum passenger capacity from 1 up to 5 or 6 people in one vehicle. So certainly your leisure trip will be more efficient, and fit on budget (frugal) even more private. So...what else are you waiting for...?, let's go touring with Sorga Bali Tours.

A glance story about "Kecak and Fire Dance" which shown at the outer yard from the sacred area. In bali this type of dance is classified into "Bebali dance" that is an old dance, but the oldest is "Gambuh" and rarely performed. This entertainment, is quite unique in its show, because they are not using any gamelan music unlike the other balinese dance in general, and played by about 30 people, with shouting "Chak...chak...chak". The theme story has taken from history of "Ramayana". It tells story of "Sri Rama", and he is the incarnation of God with his brother named "Laksmana" in their duty to free his wife "Sita" who was abducted by "Ravana" the king of Alengkapura. And sri rama is also aided by the monkey army under leadership "Sugriwa", who was also assisted by "Hanuman" the white monkey king who has supernatural power, recounted able to burn alengkapura kingdom, in its mission to liberate sita, and returns her to her husband Sri Rama. Finally the monkey army build a long bridge named "Situbanda", with the length about 323 miles or 600 kilometers under strict supervision directly by Sri Rama himself. The theme story is very interesting to be noted, where historical fact occur in "Tretha Yuga" approximately more than 1.750.000 years ago, which is now better known as the "Palk Strait" that linking between India and Srilangka. And regarding kecak fire dance in Bali very interesting to be seen, with spectacular has been played by the people of Bali in 1920 and very well known until now. So...what else are you waiting for...?, let's go touring with us Sorga Bali Tours.

Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple

Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple - Pecatu Badung Denpasar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple
Uluwatu Temple and Monkey Forest on a cliff. Uluwatu Entrance fee ticket is IDR. 20.000 /per person and Kecak Fire Dance Admission fee is IDR. 100.000 /per pax

Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant

Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant - Jimbaran Badung Denpasar Bali Holidays, Tours, Restaurants, Attractions
Uluwatu Monkey Forest Temple
Jimbaran Beach Seafood Restaurants romantic places on the amazing beach to enjoying dinner and supported by lovely afternoon silhouette sunset facing ocean view.

Uluwatu Map, Bali, Indonesia

Please Note :
Trip Cost To Uluwatu Hindu Temple and Monkey Forest Includes :
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • English speaking driver
  • Parking fees
  • Toll fees
  • Petrol

Trip Cost To Uluwatu Hindu Temple and Monkey Forest Excludes :
  • Your meals
  • All other personal expenses
  • Entrance tickets

Please Contact Us at Sorga Bali Tours for detailed price information and booking half day tours to Uluwatu cliff temple and Monkey forest..
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