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Kintamani Tegenungan Tour - to See Batur Bali Volcano & Waterfall

Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Kintamani Bali Volcano Lake Batur

Kintamani - Tegenungan Tour is one of the most favourite full day combination tours with its main itinerary will see the exceptional sight of volcano lake Batur and visit Bali hidden waterfall, in addition to exploring other top-ranked tourist attractions in one day.

The beautiful natural scenery of Batur volcano indeed so popular, no wonder if Penelokan region becomes a flagship tourism which owned by Bangli regency, moreover Tegenungan waterfall tourist place that also more frequently visited by many tourists for this moment when they do Bali holiday tour packages.

So overall, Kintamani - Tegenungan Bali travel program is one of the best sightseeing trip that highly recommended by Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Bali tour service activities).

Itinerary interesting places that will be visited in full-day Kintamani tour
1. Barong and Keris Dance
2. Batik Hand Weaving
3. Celuk Gold and Silver
4. Mas Wood Carving
5. Ubud Art Paintings
6. Holy Springs Temple
7. Coffee Plantations
8. Kintamani Lunch Break
9. Tegallalang Rice Terraces
10. Tegenungan Hidden Waterfall

1. Barong and Keris Dance

Barong and Keris Dance - Batubulan, Village, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Barong and Keris Dance

A unique traditional Balinese dance performances that regularly staged at Batubulan village, describes about good and bad of human life's character, taken from a famous Hinduism epic story "Mahabharata", that symbolized by 2 personalities between Barong (mythical of beast power) and Rangda (witch energy symbol).

2. Batik Hand Weaving

Batik Hand Weaving - Batubulan Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Batik Hand Weaving

A region in Bali which famous with its Batik painted and Hand weaving that still using a traditional method in processing woven fabrics.

3. Celuk Gold and Silver

Gold And Silver - Celuk Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Gold And Silver

A popular centre place of jewellery handicrafts gold and silversmith in Bali, which still using a traditional method system.

4. Mas Wood Carving

Wood Carving - Mas Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Wood Carving

A prominent area in Bali as center handicrafts of wood carving, sculptures and all kind of furnitures.

5. Ubud Art Paintings

Art And Painting - Ubud Village Gianyar Bali Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Art And Painting

Ubud art village is one of the most well-known area in Bali that becomes goal of inspiration from many artists, also as centre valley gallery arts of paintings.

6. Holy Springs Temple

Tirta Empul Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple - Gianyar Bali Hindu Temple, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Tirta Empul Tampak Siring Holy Spring Water Temple

Tirta Empul holy springs temple is one of a reputable Hindu shrines which often used by local Balinese people to do self-purification ceremony.

7. Coffee Plantations

Coffee And Fruit Plantations - Bali Bangli Kayuamba Village, Luwak Coffee, Spices, Fruits Plantations, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Coffee And Fruit Plantations

An interesting journey whilst exploring the most fertile tropical region from the existence of coffee plantations, cloves, other spices trees also to see the traditional methode of coffee roasting process.

8. Kintamani Lunch Break

Kintamani Restaurant Lunch Break - Penelokan Bangli Volcano Mountain Lake Batur, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Kintamani Restaurant Lunch Break

Kintamani volcano is a prominent tourism object and around these highland area also supported with the existence of restaurants to enjoy delicious variety of lunch dishes while relax facing overlook spectacular view of lake and mount Batur.

9. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Ricefield Terraces - Gianyar Ceking, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Tegallalang Ricefield Terraces

A renowned small village with its gorgeous rice-field terraces view that also often called Subak Tegal lalang.

10. Tegenungan Hidden Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall - Kemenuh, Tegenungan, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Sightseeing, Trip, Travel, Journey, Waterfall, Attractions
Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Bali Hidden Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist object supported with a beautiful charming view of rural nature around it.


  • When entering Hindu temples, remember to have your knees and shoulders covered. Most temples ask you to wear a sarong and sash, which you can borrow if you don't have your own. Usually it is including in entrance fee ticket
  • Bring enough cash local currency as there will be few ATM or money changers along the way.
  • Although tipping is not mandatory, it is nice to do so when you enjoyed your meal and the service.
  • Balinese generally don't mind having their pictures taken, although it is nice to ask permission before you take a photo.
  • When you come across praying Hindus, try not to walk in front of them and turn off flash if you want to take photo of them.
  • It's strickly forbidden to entering holy places during your periode of menstruation

Detailed price list full-day tour Kintamani - Tegenungan is listed below, ie:

Tour PackageKintamani Volcano - Tegenungan Waterfall Tour
Tour CodeK T W - 1
Tour Duration8 - 9 Hours (Full Day Tour)
Vehicle Capacity6 people
Pick Up Time8:30 AM and Return at 6:00 PM
Pick Up AreaKuta, Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Kerobokan,
Denpasar City, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Jimbaran,
Ubud, Benoa Harbour, Ngurah Rai Airport
Price Included
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • English Speaking Tour Driver
  • All Car Parking Fees
  • All Toll Charges
  • Petrol
  • Price NOT Included
  • Lunch
  • Your Personal Expenses
  • Cost Admission Ticket (Entrance Fees)
  • Entrance Fee Ticket
  • Barong & Keris Dance IDR. 100.000 per person
  • Tirta Empul Holy Spring Temple IDR. 15.000 per person
  • Kintamani Area IDR. 30.000 per person
  • Tegal lalang Ricefield Terraces IDR. 10.000 per person
  • Tegenungan Hidden Waterfall IDR. 20.000 per person
  • Few Benefits Why Book with Us

    • No Deposit Required
    • We provide private tours
    • You will not sharing with other guests
    • English speaking tour driver will be with you
    • Full registered vehicle for tourist transport

    How to Do Kintamani - Tegenungan Tour's Reservation Online:

    • Simply fill the "RESERVATION DATA" which will be sent via Email, SMS, Phone, or WhatsApp.
    • After completing all reservation data, then "SCHEDULE PICK-UP" will be submitted.
    • Regarding payment, you can do on the day of activity.

    Booking Terms and Conditions

    • All rates quoted on cash payments.
    • Maximum vehicle capacity up to 6 people.
    • Reservation must be made at least one day before.
    • If "NO SHOW", cancellation will be charged 50% from the rate
    • Prices list vehicle hire will be charged per car (not per person !).

    Finally...that's all the explanation of Kintamani - Tegenungan tour from us.

    So, lastly how's your record?

    Can't wait to bring your whole family on a Kintamani - Tegenungan trip?

    Let's go touring together!

    For detailed Information and Booking Kintamani Bali Volcano - Tegenungan Hidden Waterfall Tour please "CONTACT US" Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Packages).

    And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

    ...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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