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Tirta Gangga Park | Karangasem Bali | Water Garden Palace

Tirta Gangga park is one of the tourism objects in eastern part of Bali island, and the place location of tirta (tirtha) gangga located at Ababi village, Rendang sub-district, Karangasem east Bali regency, mileage about 83 kilometers away from Denpasar city, or around 6 Kilometers from Amlapura (Karangasem capital city). In tirta gangga park area, there are several wide pools of clear water that frequently visited as one of an alternative tourism destination area, both by local people, domestic tourists from other island, or foreign tourists when enjoy bali holiday packages. Travel to these attractions, along the journey our eyes will be spoiled by the atmosphere of beautiful and elegant mountains view, ricefield, and stunning view of green hills. In this tourists area there is also a temple (holy place), which became the source of spring water. And the water at Tirta Gangga mostly used for ricefields irrigation also the needs of daily life by people around the region of this area.

Tirta Gangga Park - Karangasem Bali - Water Garden Palace - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Tirta Gangga Park - Karangasem Bali - Water Garden Palace

This idea is coming from the King of Karangasem namely Anak Agung Ketut Anglurah, in 1948 AD had the idea to build this region, in addition become function as a resting place of the King, and to welcome the royal guests. With his imagination he was able to realize (Taman) tirta gangga park or commonly called bali water garden palace, with the width area 1,2 Hectares, and modify the architecture models of Balinese and Chinese concepts, which is divided into 3 yard, namely: first yard, when entering the main gate, there are pools of water, the first pond on the right there are various of statue, which tells the epic story of Hindu, and right in the middle there is a fountain (mountain symbol) and surrounded by statues as symbol from the God manifestation (in Balinese "Dewata Nawa Sanga") wind direction to equalize, and balance the universe. On the left pond, there's a small bridge which decorated with dragon statues, generally often encountered as "Dwarapala" (Gate guards) in Hindu concepts. In accordance of hindu beliefs Dragon commonly used as "Uparengga" in any kind of various religious ceremony. Uparengga means; the form a symbol of Water, or symbol Dragon (water).

There are 3 different dragon type in Hindu community beliefs, such as:

  • Dragon Ananta Boga
  • Phylosophy of Ananta Boga means Ananta (never ending) and Boga (food), in this case is strongly related from the agriculture area of Bali (rice is main food), that dominantly live on rice farming.

  • Dragon Basuki
  • (Word of Basuki / Basukih / Basukiar means: safe). The name of Basuki is similar to the name of the largest temple in Bali island, namely Besakih bali mother temple.

  • Dragon Taksaka
  • (are defined as an extra power is a combination from the various potentials that peaked causing tremendous charm ).

While in the second yard, there's a swimming pool, often used by tourists to swim, and enjoying the coolness of the clear water pond. The third yard as a resting place.

Tirta Gangga Park - Karangasem Bali - Water Garden Palace - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Tirta Gangga Park - Karangasem Bali - Water Garden Palace

In Bali tirta gangga park (water garden palace) area, there are few guest house or inn, restaurants, and small cafe who sell foods or beverages. And up to now there are many tourists going to Bali tirta gangga park (water garden palace), especially for those who loves to see the beautiful bali countryside, commonly when they are taking to Karangasem east bali tour. Entrance fee or tickets admission at Tirta Gangga park - karangasem east bali - water garden palace will be charged IDR. 20.000 per person, at the main gate before enter the tourism object.

For detail information how do tours to Tirta Gangga park - karangasem east bali - water garden palace and other interesting places around whether for a half day trip or full day tour, so we please you to Contact Us at Sorga Bali Tours.

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