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[Bali Zoo Park] Most famous zoo park & Top-rated Bali animal captivity

Bali Zoo Park is most favourite zoo park with popular zoo activities program owned, located at Singapadu village - Gianyar.

This tourist attractions frequently visited by a large number of tourists both domestic, foreigners and local visitors when enjoy bali holiday tour packages.

Bali Zoo Park - Banjar Seseh, Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions, Bali Zoo Park, Zoo
Bali Zoo Park

Bali Zoo Park is the first and only one zoological park in bali,

...where you can learn about behavior more than 450 rare and exotic animals in a natural environment, with lush tropical atmosphere.

In addition to study and understanding the behavior of animals,

this place is also a park where you can participate in adventure activities of interesting animals.

Some of them are unique experience from varieties animal species which found in Indonesia, such as:

Private meeting near with a Bengal tiger, Adventure safari elephant ride, Following friendly Sumatran pachyderms,

Enjoyed food dishes within just a few meters from king of jungle or participate in trademark Mahout for a day at Bali zoo park.

Bali zoo park itself, was created from desire and love sense from a balinese man, preserve various types existing wildlife animals in Indonesia in general, and in Bali particularly, namely:

"Mr. ANAK AGUNG GDE PUTRA", who has a great desire in history of bali zoo park formation.

Beside that,

Bali zoo park also as animals conservation place, with its vision and mission as a very useful place for learning,

especially for young generations and tourists who come to visit this place.

As well as knowing more closer about behavior of all types wild animals that found in renowned captivity place of bali zoo.

Mr. Anak Agung Gde Putra had so great desire to preserve and protect range of Indonesia's fauna,

including rare animals threatened with extinction such as:

Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers, Orang utan, Sun bear, Binturong (Bear cat asia is the same species as weasel ),

Sinyulong (freshwater crocodile) and varieties birds as well as many other interesting species.

In addition,

three kinds animals depicted in Bali Zoo Park's trademark (brand of identity), namely:

Deer, Cassowary (bird third-highest and second heaviest on the planet) and Orang utan are first animals owned by Mr. Anak Agung Gde Putra in early formation of Bali Zoo.

Brand picture identity,

...with moment bright colors chosen represent beautiful feeling color experienced by tourists when visit Bali Zoo Park.

Turquoise colour symbolizes friendly feeling of refreshing to the tourists when having a bond with animals and nature around.

Orange color is a picture of energy, adventure, happiness, charm and enthusiasm experience in Bali zoo park.

While green color chosen as solid compliment, freshness identity natural atmosphere.

Bali Zoo Park Information

Bali Zoo Park Information
Bali Zoo Park Location
Mileage To Get To Bali Zoo Park
Bali Zoo Park Opening Hours

Bali Zoo Park Location

Bali Zoo Park, located at tropical area in a very fertile green surroundings,

supported with the existence of shade trees in an area altitude about 250 meters - 300 meters above sea level.

so as to have the atmosphere of fresh weather at night.

Regarding Bali Zoo Park's location is situated in path strategic tourist area,

that often traversed by tourists which located at Singapadu's highway - Banjar Seseh - Desa Batuan - Singapadu sub-district - Gianyar regency - Bali - Indonesia.

Mileage To Get To Bali Zoo Park

Bali Zoo Park very easy to reach,

...because this zoo is situated in an area that close to all famous tourist access point, also affordable to all types vehicles.

In addition,

Bali Zoo Park also has a spacious parking which is surrounded by tropical shade trees.

About distance how to get to Bali zoo park, can be taken approximately 30 minutes drive from Denpasar city (now: capital of Bali island),

or around 1 hour from Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak and Nusa Dua beach area.

If taken from Ubud art village or Ubud monkey forest can be reached about 20 minutes.

Bali Zoo Park Opening Hours

Last schedule check-in at Bali Zoo Park is at 5:00 PM.

And normal schedule Bali Zoo Park open every day at 09:00 AM, and closed on Nyepi Day (Balinese New Year).

Bali Zoo Park - Banjar Seseh, Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions, Bali Zoo Park, Zoo
Bali Zoo Park

Things & Facilities Existed At Bali Zoo Park

Bali Zoo Park Things Of Facilities
Bali Zoo Park Adventure Tour Packages
Wana Restaurant
Miniapolis Jungle Waterpark
Spacious Parking Area
Collection Of Complete Animals

Bali Zoo Park Adventure Tour Packages

Bali Zoo Park also provides interesting activities zoo packages and popular zoo adventure program, such as:

Detailed information Bali Zoo Park packages, please read: "Best Program Bali Zoo Park Packages"

Wana Restaurant

In accordance with restaurant's name located at Bali zoo park is "WANA RESTAURANT", (Balinese language) which means "Restaurant in the forest".

Wana restaurant is a fine dining restaurant, also a lounge bar (a place for you to relax) when you do a holiday visit in Bali zoo park.

Wana restaurant situated next to open spaces in a very exotic landscape, where animals king of jungle are in there,

...and designed with an uniquely rustic interior ambience, as well as all existing furniture made by local craftsmen.

In addition,

Wana restaurant has a wide capacity up to 80 people,

so for you would really can enjoy natural beauty in the midst of wild animals, while enjoying delicious cuisine provided such as:

Chicken spices, Tuna, Squid salad, Soto pesmol, Duck and Galangan kare, Tart tatin, brown lava, Yellow pickled fish or Bali platter.

Bali Zoo Park - Banjar Seseh, Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions, Bali Zoo Park, Zoo
Bali Zoo Park

So a visit to Bali zoo while enjoying meal in wild life atmosphere will be a memorable experience.

Wana restaurant is open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Miniapolis Jungle Waterpark

Beside Wana restaurants, bali zoo park also provides a very pleasant place and amazing miniapolis jungle water park (Jungle Splash).

For you who visit Bali zoo together with family, for your children can fill their vacation time here,

...while swimming after takes a day adventure in Bali zoo.

So your children will have a very enjoyable time playing in Miniapolis jungle waterpark with parents and families.

So that will make your holiday atmosphere will be really more complete, and impressive.

Miniapolis jungle waterplay operational schedule start opened at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Spacious Parking Area

Bali zoo park also provides a large and adequate parking area, especially for you who bring your own vehicles,

or also for large tourism buses who visits this place.

In addition, Bali zoo park parking location is shady enough with plenty of shady trees around, it will create a comfortable situation for you when parked your vehicles.

Collection Of Complete Animals

Bali zoo park also provides more than 450 rare and exotic animals that are in a very lush natural tropical environment.

In addition, there are various kinds of other wildlife, such as:

Sumatran bengal tiger, Sumatran elephants, Binturong, Sinyulong, Orang-utan, sun bear, reptiles, birds and other tropical animals else.

So for you would really can feel how held an adventure in middle of wild animals in a renowned place of Bali zoo park.

Bali Zoo Park is best bali zoo with famous zoo park packages that highly recommended by Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Bali tour service activities).

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