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[Ubud tour] Half-day tours see Bali art village, Palace & Monkey forest

Most popular short day tours itinerary visit Art villages, Royal palace, Traditional market and Holy monkey forest, also easy way how to exploring Bali island in a famous program half-day sightseeing trips Ubud.

Ubud Bali Art Village - Tohpati, Batubulan, Celuk, Mas, Ubud, Village, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Bali Art Village

Charming beauty radiance of Ubud countryside indeed can not be separated in terms of its community life,

which is still so strong in holding cultures, traditions and beliefs.

This is an ancestral inheritance which should be kept authenticity that later will be inherited back to posterity, and so on.

In addition of its traditional reputable cultures owned, also the scenery of Ubud rural nature is so fascinating.

And it is very closely related as the only one of single area in Bali island, which became centre valley from artists of painting.

as well as evidenced by the presence of existed many famous art paintings galleries,

thus made Ubud village able to attract a large number of tourists visit both from inside or outside the country.

Moreover Ubud tourism is one of the popular tourist destination and most wanted travel options by many travellers from entire world

when enjoying Bali holiday tour packages in the island of thousand temples.

With various tourist mainstay owned, such as: "Ubud sacred monkey forest", "Ubud traditional art market" and "Ubud royal palace",

that capable tying thousands even millions of tourists visit to Ubud art villages.

Ubud Bali Art Village - Tohpati, Batubulan, Celuk, Mas, Ubud, Village, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Bali Art Village

Related about the way how to make it easier for you to visit the place and exploring other interesting sites,

we are from Sorga Bali Tours has provided a short-day sightseeing, namely:

"Ubud Bali Art Villages & Sacred Monkey Forest Tour Package",

This is a half-day trip activity with core program will see a well-known atmosphere from Ubud area.

Which in fact,

Ubud travel plan is one of the best and most favourite short-day tours, to enjoy an exceptional holiday experience in it.

And Ubud journey has a complete itineraries,

even in this trip, you can get a better understanding about art and culture, traditions,

handicrafts, friendliness from local Balinese communities,

also to know more closely about Temple history, which is a sacred place (Pura) for Hindu community with a unique historical background.

Besides to enjoy natural scenery and roamed to see the amazing local primates that lives harmony in their habitats.

So, Ubud Bali travel program is a strongly suggested half-day tour package from Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Bali tour service activities),

for you to be able to visit and explore the elements with introduction of all aspects which packed in short-day Bali leisure packages.

Ubud Bali Art Village - Tohpati, Batubulan, Celuk, Mas, Ubud, Village, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Bali Art Village

Regarding schedule of this Ubud sightseeing, will take around 5 to 6 hours or maximum 7 hours,

will start with pick up time at 08:30 AM from your hotel stay, and finished at 04:00 PM.

With cover area around:

Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Denpasar City, Ngurah Rai Airport, Benoa Harbour and Ubud.

All types of Bali sightseeing tours that we offer for you are: "Private Tours".

which means,

in this trip you will not be joined with other guests, only you and your group who will go.

Also supported with an experienced english speaking tour driver,

with fully air conditioned vehicle and complete car permit for tourist transport,

which laterly will made your travel trip becomes far more enjoyable.

With this system, going to be able to save costs and affordable for you,

while doing a half-day trip on Bali island.

All trip we presented to you, both half-day tours or full-day trips,

related with tours price (cost of trip rates) will be quoted per car (not per person !),

with maximum passenger capacity up to 6 people in one vehicle.

So that you will feel more comfortable on your vacation, while visiting all tourists attractions in this trip.

Further itineraries from Ubud art village tour program with its all detailed, you can read as explained below, ie:

Tour PackageUbud Art Village & Monkey Forest Tour
Tour PriceUS$ 45 Per Vehicle
Tour CodeG - 3
Tour Duration5 - 6 Hours (Half Day Tour)
Tour Itinerary1. Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village
2. Batik Handicrafts and Traditional Hand Weaving Batubulan
3. Gold and Silver Jewelry Handicrafts Celuk Village
4. Balinese Traditional House Compound
5. Coffee, Fruits and Spices Plantations
6. Wood Carving and Furniture Mas Village
7. Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village
8. Ubud Holy Monkey Forest
9. Ubud Traditional Art Market
10. Ubud Royal Palace
11. Lunch at Restaurant Facing Ricefields View
Vehicle Capacity6 people
Pick Up Time8:30 AM and Return at 6:00 PM
Pick Up AreaKuta, Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Kerobokan,
Denpasar City, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Jimbaran,
Ubud, Benoa Harbour, Ngurah Rai Airport
Price Included
  • Fully Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • English Speaking Tour Driver
  • All Car Parking Fees
  • All Toll Charges
  • Petrol
  • Price NOT Included
  • Lunch
  • Your Personal Expenses
  • Cost Admission Ticket (Entrance Fees)
  • Entrance Fee Ticket
  • BATUBULAN VILLAGE watching Barong & Keris Dance rates IDR. 100.000 per person.
  • UBUD MONKEY FOREST to see the local primates cost entrance ticket IDR. 30.000 per head.
  • How to Do Ubud Tour's Reservation Online:

    • Simply fill the "RESERVATION DATA" which will be sent via Email, SMS, Phone, or WhatsApp.
    • After completing all reservation data, then "SCHEDULE PICK-UP" will be submitted.
    • Regarding payment, you can do on the day of activity.

    Booking Terms and Conditions

    • All rates quoted on cash payments.
    • Maximum vehicle capacity up to 6 people.
    • Reservation must be made at least one day before.
    • If "NO SHOW", cancellation will be charged 50% from the rate
    • Prices list vehicle hire will be charged per car (not per person !).

    Few Benefits Why Book with Us

    • No Deposit Required
    • We provide private tours
    • You will not sharing with other guests
    • English speaking tour driver will be with you
    • Full registered vehicle for tourist transport

    What to Brings:

    • CASH to pay entry fee ticket, or other personal expenses. Because not all tourist objects providing ATM machine.
    • SUNSCREEN, to protect your skin from sun burn.
    • SUNGLASSES, to keep your eyes from sunshine as Bali is tropical island.
    • MOSQUITOES SPRAY, just in case.
    • TOILET PAPER, just in case.
    • CAMERA

    Read also:

    1. Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village

    Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village - Batubulan, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
    Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Village

    Batubulan village will be your first visit by heading to go to a village which located at eastside from Denpasar City (Bali island capital city).

    Where this village is still a part of Gianyar regency (A district in Bali island as the centre valley of dance artists),

    And Batubulan Village itself in addition also to become the center of stone sculptures,

    here every day starting at 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM regularly held a traditional Balinese show, ie: "Barong and Keris dance",

    In this place you are going to see a very famous show,

    you can also take pictures (Photo) of these attractions, and you will be charged an entrance fee ticket at IDR. 100.000 per person, watch this traditional Barong and Keris dance.

    Talking about these Barong and Keris dance, very famous staged by balinese artists which passed down from generation to the next,

    and this dance took the play of "Mahabharata" (hindu's epic story),

    ...a theme story that shows also describes about the duality of human life,

    which basically tells about the opposition of good and bad things from human nature,

    which is an eternal epic of all time.

    According to history research, the real story of Mahabharata was happened around more than 15,000 years ago.

    While, if views from types and functions of this dance is included into "Bebali Dance" (with its functions, half for spiritual ceremony and the rest for show).

    And generally all dances in Bali divided into three (3) classifications, ie:

    • Wali Dance (will only be performed when religious ceremony held at the temple).
    • Bebali Dance (staging half for religious and the rest for show) and,
    • Balih - Balihan Dance (with functions totally just for fun).

    So...Barong and Keris dance included in classification types of dances number 2 (two).

    2. Batik Handicrafts and Traditional Hand Weaving Batubulan

    Batik and Traditional Hand Weaving Batubulan Village - Batubulan, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Trips, Attractions
    Batik and Traditional Hand Weaving Batubulan Village

    Then next visit, you will be invited to see the process of making woven fabric, which is still in Batubulan village area itself.

    Beside this village is famous with staging dances and stone sculpture crafts, Batubulan village also popular for its traditional Batik and Hand Weaving.

    While visiting this place, you will also get a detailed information and opportunity to see more clearly about the manner,

    and process of making batik fabric pattern on white cloth material,

    as well as the demonstration of woven fabrics manufacture which is still using traditional methode, so this could be an inspiration.

    In addition, Batik cloths can also used as a local souvenir from Bali island.

    3. Gold and Silver Jewelry Handicrafts Celuk Village

    Gold and Silver Celuk Village - Celuk, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Sightseeing, Attractions
    Gold and Silver Celuk Village

    Will be your next visit on this trip, just like any other art villages, Celuk village you can also see about Gold and Silver jewelry making process.

    Pass thru skillful hands of these Balinese artists, has made Celuk village very famous as a center part of Gold and Silver jewelry crafts,

    where in its making process, these artists are still using traditional system.

    In addition, all skills on how to process gold and silver jewelry that they get are legacy from their ancestors generations, well as, the work arts from Celuk's artists has been known throughout the entire world.

    4. Balinese Traditional House Compound

    Bali Traditional House Compound - Batuan, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Sightseeing, Attractions
    Bali Traditional House Compound

    Batuan Traditional House Compound will be your next destination, here you will be invited to see also visit one of the Balinese traditional house compound.

    When you visit this place, you will be able to understand about the meaning of "Traditional Houses" based on layout concept of "Asta Kosala - Kosali" and "Asta Bumi" (Balance Concept).

    And in Bali, both these concepts are very important also used as a base benchmark for almost all traditional houses building in generally,

    Because according to Balinese local belief, if we build a house in accordance with the concept, then all kinds of happiness will come from all directions, and indeed Proven !.

    Until now, eventhough the Balinese people have become familiar with modern technology, such as: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Internet, Mobile and others, but this concept is still used in life of Balinese people,

    especially when they built a building, such as: Home, Building, Office, Family sacred places, Holy temples, and others.

    And here you will be given an explanation about this base concept, which in accordance of: "Tri Mandala" or "Tri Angga".

    The meaning of "Tri Mandala", and "Tri Angga" are as follows:

    • Nista Mandala / Outer yard, which covers the gate of building outer yard (in Bali often built with name of "Angkul - Angkul") as a barrier from the outside yard.
    • If in terms of "Tri Angga", Nista Mandala is symbol of "Legs" in our limbs.

      In addition to Angkul - Angkul will also be built "Aling - Aling" as a repellent all kinds of Danger in the astral world and it can protect us from all kinds of negative aura (evil energy).

      Usually on Aling - Aling will also be placed a Ganesha statue (in Hindu mythology Ganesha is Son of Lord Shiwa with Goddess Parwati as "Repellent").

      And right in front of Angkul - Angkul also usually placed 2 (statues) that serves as "Gate's Guard" (in Hindu terms referred to as: "Dwarapala"),


    • Madya Mandala / Middle yard, usually there are several buildings, that built in accordance with the symbol of "Swastika" (equilibrium concept (balances) and Swastika also as symbol of Hindu religion itself),
    • And in Tri Angga, middle yard is symbol of "Body" in our limbs.

      As for building types in Madya Mandala generally built, such as:

      #. East part there is a building called "Bale Dangin"

      #. South part is a building of "Bale Delod" and "Paon (Kitchen)",

      #. West part is building for "Bale Dauh"

      #. North part is a building for "Bale Daja" and there is a "Semer" (water source used for daily consumption / other purposes)

      While in the #. middle there is one building of "Bale Gede" (which usually used to carry out various kinds of ceremonies, such as: "Death ceremony", "Tooth filing ceremony" "Wedding ceremony" and others).

    • Utama Mandala / Holiest yard, there will be several building shrines, which common used for daily praying.
    • If in Tri Angga, this utama mandala become symbol of "Head" in our limbs.

      And direction that commonly used for this Utama mandala buildings is at "Northeast" (in Hindu terms often referred to as "Ersanya") with its exit door facing to south side (ocean).

    5. Coffee, Fruits and Spices Plantations

    Coffee, Fruits and Spices Plantations - Batuan, Gianyar, Bali, Holidays, Trips, Attractions
    Coffee, Fruits and Spices Plantations

    Coffee Plantations will be your next destination, and in this area you can see the plantation of coffee, cloves, fruits, and all kinds of tropical crops.

    Here you will also get details information about the coffee beans processing, which still using a traditional methode.

    And at this time, there is a famous coffee called: "Luwak Coffee", this is a kind of coffee which processed from animal droppings of Luwak (civet).

    Which means: previously the coffee beans will be eaten by the civet itself, then on the next day the whole of coffee beans will come out through the civet droppings,

    and after obtaining the fermentation in the mongoose body itself.

    Next step the coffee beans will be taken and processed with a hygienic system but still using a traditional ways.

    After being tested,

    ...the civet coffee from animal fermentation, could makes the low levels of caffeine contained in it and very decent to be consumed,

    thus making the existence of civet coffee increasingly becomes popular right now.

    Besides coffee, there are also many other spices and tea that made out of roselle flowers, lemon grass, Ginger and others.

    So, by a visit to coffee plantations area will made your day more attractive and full of memorable experiences.

    6. Wood Carving and Furniture Mas Village

    Wood Carving and Furniture Mas Village - Mas, Wood Carving
    Wood Carving and Furniture Mas Village

    Mas Wood Carvings will be your next destination, and this village area is becoming center of wood carving handicraft,

    in addition also being central craft of furniture in Bali.

    And in this place you can see clearly how was the skillful from the wood artists chiseling when create an amazing work arts.

    Besides that,

    all the expertise that they get in general are also the ability inherited down - for next generations, and even some of self-taught ability.

    Even, there are also art schools which actually teach about the particulars how to engraving, especially for younger generation.

    7. Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village

    Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village - Ubud, Art Painting, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
    Art Paintings Gallery Ubud Village

    Ubud Art Paintings Gallery will be your next destination to visit very famous place,

    that become center art of paintings with the existence from its arts galleries.

    Also supported with several art museums that makes Ubud area as a village becomes goal of inspiration to all artists paintings.

    Because its beautiful scenery possessed from Ubud tourist area has made many artists,

    both from inside or outside the country fell in love with the existence of this art village, such as:

    "Antonio Blanco", "Rudolf Bonnet", "Walter Spies" and many other great artists.

    Even they are all very admiring with this Ubud tourist area, in addition also there are assumptions especially from the tourists,

    where their vacation seemed incomplete if they don't visit this prominent tourist area.

    Even recently,

    one of the famous movie's star Julia Robert also held filming their movie titled: "Eat, Pray, Love" which everything's done in Ubud region.

    In reality Ubud does have a very beautiful charm and exotic natural countryside.

    In addition to be the center of arts, Ubud also stored various flagship tourist attractions,

    such as: Ubud holy monkey forest (Sacred Bali native animals), Ubud art market, and Ubud royal palace.

    To be honest Ubud art village does have a charming attractive tourist attraction,

    besides of its natural atmosphere which is still beautiful, also the life of Ubud community itself very friendly,

    with the original personal friendliness of Balinese people.

    Ubud is actually a sub-district, that still a part from Gianyar regency,

    with its width area 42.38 km2, and Ubud village has an altitude about 500 meters above the sea level,

    and population around 60,122 inhabitants.

    Related to its location because on the plateau, so Ubud has a fresh weather temperature, especially at night fresh to cool weather.

    8. Ubud Holy Monkey Forest

    Ubud Holy Monkey Forest - Ubud, Monkey Forest, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
    Ubud Holy Monkey Forest

    Ubud Monkey Forest is going to be the next place to be visited, and here you will walk around into the sanctified primates area to roamed and observe the existence of indigenous Bali native animals.

    Inside this tropical jungle, you can view hundreds of long tailed jocko around the forest which lives in original habitat and in latins language often called: "Macacas Fascicularis".

    There are about 300 macacas live in this sanctuary,

    which consist of 35 male monkeys with the weight about 8 - 10 Kg, 95 female macacas with the weight around 4 - 8 Kg and around 170 baby monkeys with the weight about 350 Gr (black fur).

    Besides local primates,

    There are also 3 (three) temples existed in the middle of this forestry, ie:

    • #. Pura Dalem Agung, which located in the southwest part as the main place for Balinese society who lives around the region to pray when the religious ceremony held every 210 days.
    • #. Pura Beji, situated in the northwest, with the concept structure of "Tri Mandala" (3 yard), ie: #. Utama Mandala is the inner yard as the holiest part, #. Madya Mandala is the middle yard decorated with one sacred pool and #. Nista Mandala in the southeast part is the outer yard powered with a bathing place for living creatures.
    • #. Pura Prajapati which placed in the east part and become a cemetary complex with its function to do cremation or burial for those who lives around this place.

    All the hindu temples which existed here has built around the mid 14th century,

    which at that time still under reign "Pejeng Dynasty", in time of early "Gelgel Dynasty".

    For you who intend to roamed monkey forest have to pay the entrance fee ticket at IDR. 30.000 per person and has to be paid at the outside gate before enter monkey forest tourism object.


    Because in many tourist objects which existed in Bali, especially when you entering temple area or while visiting monkey forest,

    you will need of this important explanation, such as:

    • When entering a sacred area, at the front gate before entering hindu temple, there is an announcement for you, especially for women during the periode of menstruation is strictly forbidden to enter the holy places.
    • When you visit hindu temple, you are obliged to use a "Sarong" or "Scarf" as respect sense for the existence of holy place (most of temples now are providing free sarong to use to enter temple as it's already included in entrance fee ticket).
    • Bring your sunscream while you are traveling, this is how to protecting you from sun burn.
    • Not allowed to take photo pictures using flash on cameras, when you see balinese people praying or during temple festivals.
    • Other thing, if you wish to visit monkey forest, in order always be alert to all of your personal items, such as: Sun-glasses, All jewelries, Hats and your other belongings.
    • Because without you realizing, all items will very quickly be taken up by the monkeys.

    So our advice, please adjust the distance, and do not get too close to the monkeys...!

    also do not made a strong eye contact, when you near with monkeys...!

    In addition, please do not touch the body of monkey, because monkeys are very sensitive animals, and they may will attack you.

    But if you want to take a photo of the monkeys, please keep your distance and try not too close with them.

    9. Ubud Traditional Art Market

    Ubud Traditional Art Market - Ubud, Art Market, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
    Ubud Traditional Art Market

    Ubud Market will be your next stop to visit the trading activity from balinese community,

    in addition this markt also provide and offer various types of handicrafts, clothings and other items, also the bargaining system will definitely needed here.

    And for you who interested to buy something, of course be able to do the good deals and here you will understand about the bargaining system which is very interesting to be known.

    Besides, this market is opened everyday from at 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

    10. Ubud Royal Palace

    Ubud Royal Palace - Ubud, Royal Palace, Puri Saren, Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
    Ubud Royal Palace

    Ubud Palace will be your next spot to be visited, and here you can walk around to see the King's residence of "Puri Saren Agung" or better known by the name of "Puri Ubud".

    Up to now this place is one of the best tourist attraction in this little town.

    Placement of Puri Saren existed right in the middle centre of activities.

    And this palace is located opposite in front of the main market and almost every night regularly held a performances of Legong dance here.

    11. Lunch at Restaurant Facing Ricefields View

    Lunch at Restaurant Facing Ricefields View - Ubud, Restaurant, Lunch, Bali, Tours
    Lunch at Restaurant Facing Ricefields View

    Lunch Break will be the last place before returning back to the hotel, here you can enjoy a lunch break at one of the restaurants overlooking the rice field scenery.

    You also need to know, that in this restaurant serves a buffet menu or a la carte,

    As well as providing kosher cuisine or vegetarian in accordance with variations of your taste, when you want to enjoy lunch.

    and this place is also based on hygienic procedures or based on existing health standards, and you do not have to feel worry about the dish presented.

    So...that is all the details information half-day trip schedule of Ubud Bali art village from us,

    Ubud Map, Bali, Indonesia

    So, what else are you waiting for ...?

    let's go touring with us...!

    For detailed Information and Booking Ubud Bali Art Village & Holy Monkey Forest Temple Tour please "CONTACT US" Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Packages).

    And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday, because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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