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[Bali Zoo Park Tips] 6 Things to know before you go to Bali zoo park

Did you ever consider, what things you should do when you decided to hold an escapade vacation see wildlife in to the most famous animal captivity in Bali Zoo Park?

Bali Zoo Park Holiday Tips - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Tips, Attractions, Zoo Park
Bali Zoo Park Holiday Tips

This is the most frequently question appear!.

To solve this problem, at least our suggestions is: you should know a clearly information about "How" and "What" things related to that tourist attraction.

In addition to knowing and understanding more detailed about the venue that you will heading to, for next step

How you decide and what things you have to do for the purpose.

So later you will have a base information, as a useful reference to organize an exciting holiday trip in that place.

And we think the explanation of this Bali Zoo Park holiday tips, is going to be more than enough for you to use it as a grip, in determine the right plan

which contains a complete advice, about several best steps that we specifically presented to you,

As a benchmark in order to decide, while going to do a recreation at the famous attraction of Bali Zoo Park.

Besides there is an important thing in our opinion, ie: how can you enjoy your holiday time become more fantastic and satisfying,

In addition to add insight, also made yourselves become more familiar when do a visit with friends or beloved family.

And one most important is how this tour latter will be able to overcome "Stress" and "Bored" mind after doing your routine job.

So through this guide, you will get a fairly clear and accurate information, about the best way and easy steps that can be applied later on.

Tips that we will explain to you laterly could be used to arrange a vacation planning to Bali Zoo Park becomes more easier, effective and efficient.

For the above matter, please continue reading the handy guide below ...!

# 1. Create A Clearly Planning Carefully

Create A Clearly Careful Planning - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Trips, Bali Zoo Park, Attractions
Create A Clearly Careful Planning

Why we advise you to make a plan, and How important is the plan for you later?

Very important...!

Because with a right plan arrangement, then all your vacation activities will be running smooth.

As for the plan we mean here, which concerns about:

A. Choose When the Best Time Visit Bali Zoo Park

Whether during "School Holiday" or "Ordinary Vacation".

This consideration is very important, because it will be influence the cost you will spend,

If you are visiting the zoo during high season, you are obliged to know and ask is there a surge in price increase or not..?

If it's on normal holiday season, okay...that's not a problem !.

In addition, if during peak season, whether it will disturb your comfort when traveling there...?

Especially when traveling with your beloved children, so you ought to be smart in this case....

It is really necessary to find out about the above information.

B. Decide also how the access will you take for transportation to Bali Zoo Park

Is the choice you want to go with Free Shuttle Bus Transport or want to rent a private vehicle...?.

So there will be two options later that you can specify (use) to get access to the zoo.

If...your choice want to go with free transportation provided from Bali Zoo Park,

You must determine and noted clearly the nearest location of shuttle bus services from the hotel where you stay, and

make sure what time Shuttle Bus will go to the zoo...?.

Because, if you are not on time (late), then shuttle bus will leave you,

So our advice is...

you already have to be there waiting at least 15 minutes before the Shuttle Bus schedule will be ready to depart. ( have to know when the exact time and place from the point of shuttle bus location).

In addition, if you want to join the Shuttle Bus then you have to stand-by earlier at the point location, with a predetermined schedule because you will be combined with other guests.

So, here you must really consider the time ..!, If you want to depart with a Shuttle Bus vehicle.

Oh ya..., one more thing to join shuttle bus you have to book it in advance,

because sometime the shuttle bus vehicle often full reservation, ask also is there any seat available or not ?.

Well... the above explanation is for the first choice, ie: "FREE BALI ZOO SHUTTLE EXPRESS".

Then for the second option...

This is our advice for you, if you want to rent a private vehicle, you also have to know how much will be the cost of renting a vehicle ?.

As for private vehicle with driver, we can provide it for you.

Here, we need to tell you about:

Several benefits you get if renting a private vehicle, such as:

  • Automatically you will not be joined with other Guests.
  • Maximum passengers capacity up to 7 people in one vehicle.
  • Our driver will pick you up directly from the hotel where you stay.
  • Price will be charged per vehicle (not per person!).
  • Your own will choose the pick-up time.
  • Experienced english speaking driver will be with you.
  • Full-air conditioned vehicle with complete permit for tourist transport.

C. Other Personal Needs, such as:

  • Suitable clothes to wear while relaxing at Bali Zoo Park.
  • Other needs you should consider, especially when visit with children / family.
  • Don't forget to bring Sunscreen / Lotion / Skin's Spray protection from unwanted things, such as: Sun-block, Mosquitos bite or others.
  • Glasses, to keep your eyes protected from the sun (because Bali is tropical island).
  • Cash local currency (IDR) to pay entrance fee Bali Zoo Park, because here use rupiah money and other personal expenses.
  • Toilet paper / wet Tissue for your personal and family sanitation.
  • Camera to capture casual and fun moments.
  • And other necessities that may be considered important to bring.

# 2. Get More Information (Do Previous Survey)

Get More Information (Do Previous Survey) - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Trips, Bali zoo Park, Attractions
Get More Information (Do Previous Survey)

In our opinion, this second step (2) is the most important, because you ought to know overview information before visiting Bali Zoo Park.

About the survey we mean here, ie:

What packages are provided / offered in Bali Zoo Park

So by doing a previous research, later you will know and able to determine the next right step to place an order.

To find out what kind of Packages available in Bali Zoo Park, please read: Bali Zoo Park Packages.

So then, finally you will understand all the advantages comparison from each package above.

Next step you can get a grip to make a reference in determine which package will be the most suitable as your desire and financial budget.

One more thing you should note is:

The reservation system which enforced at Bali Zoo Park, that every booking made will get a "BOOKING CODE".

Which will be used to make a payments methode at front office reception service when entering the Zoo,

So, without holding the Booking Code, you will not be able to visit Bali Zoo Park.

Our suggestion to you is:...

  • Do a previous survey,
  • Read the package carefully,
  • Discuss the package with your friend or family,
  • Select the appropriate package based on your wishes and budget,
  • Made a reservation (Do a previous booking in advance)

So then, your visit to Bali Zoo Park later will be right on target and running smooth.

Our other advice for you is, through the zoo package that you will order:

Be sure also to see:

  • What activities included in the package...?
  • Get also the schedule information how long it will lasts ..?,
  • What time will be started..?
  • What time you have to be there...?
  • And what time the selected package will be finished...?

It is also necessary to consider clearly,

Because, who knows at the same time, it's possible that you will perform other activities selected before or after the zoo's program activities.

Last conclusion, you should really know about the packages collection that will be ordered, so you will not do a wrong choice and your visit will be more fun,

Because everything accordance with plan you wrote earlier.

# 3. Choose One of Bali Zoo Park Package Based on Your Needs & Budget

Select Which Package Suits You - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Tips, Attractions, Zoo Park
Select Which Package Suits You

For this third step is also important to do, after reading and knowing all the information about the Zoo packages offered in Bali Zoo Park, then think and discuss it well with your friend or beloved family.

If you don't have time to read all the existed Bali Zoo Park packages, we already write it down summaries explanation bellow for you, such as:

Afterward, choose one of zoo packages, and adjust it to your financial budget.

For additional information, please read also:

# 4. Made A Reservation (Purchase Zoo Ticket) Previously in Advance

Purchaze Zoo Ticket In Advance - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Tips, Attractions, Zoo Park
Purchaze Zoo Ticket In Advance

In addition to the three points above, one more step you need to do if you already have one preferred zoo packages that suits you need,

Make a reservations early in advance ..!

Why we advise you to make an earlier booking..., is because without you realize, cost of admission ticket there could be in increases in price, without any prior notice.

Especially during the peak season or vacation time, and often "Full Reservation" in a certain zoo package that offered.

hence our suggestion is, please do a reservation far days before, if indeed you have a plan to visit Bali Zoo Park,

# 5. Rent A Vehicle / Hire A Car for Access to Bali Zoo Park

Rent A Vehicle for Half-Day or Full-Day - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Trips, Bali Zoo Park, Attractions
Rent A Vehicle for Half-Day or Full-Day

We have explained above, there are 2 options that you can take to get access to Bali Zoo Park, ie:

By using Bali Zoo Park Free Shuttle Bus service

but you have to stand-by waiting at least 15 minutes at point location from Bali Zoo Shuttle Express, according to schedule and place that have been determined,

In addition, you have to do an advance reservation for shuttle bus.

For Bali Zoo Shuttle Express Schedule, you can see the listed below:

09:15 AMKutaKuta Beach Walk
09:30 AMKutaBali Discovery Mall

NOTE: You have to wait at least 15 minutes at Bali Zoo Shuttle Express point location (If late) then Shuttle Bus will leave you.

And for the second option, is:

Private vehicle rental

will be charged IDR. 350.000 / per vehicle with maximum capacity up to 7 persons in one car.

With pickup area around: Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Jimbaran, Ubud, Benoa Harbor and Airport.

We also need to explain about the benefits acquired by renting a private vehicle to Bali Zoo park either for half-day or full-day:

  • Automatically you will not be joined with other Guests, and definitely only you and your group will go.
  • Maximum passengers capacity up to 7 people in one vehicle, so if you visit with family / children, they will have more space in the car.
  • Our driver will pick you up directly from the hotel where you stay, and you only need to stand-by at the hotel lobby based on schedule, that you specify earlier.
  • Price car hire will be charged per vehicle (not per person !). So it will be very affordable with your financial budget, and the cost of this vehicle rental included: "Petrol and Driver".
  • Your own will decide the pick-up time, what time you want to be picked up from the hotel and what time will be finished from the zoo, our driver will always be ready to wait and drive you back home.
  • Experienced english speaking driver will be with you, in access to go to Bali Zoo Park.
  • Vehicle that we provide for you are equipped with fully-air conditioned, and a complete car permit for tourist transportation so your trip will be more comfortable.

# 6. Purchase Souvenirs Wisely

Purchase Souvenirs Meticulously - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Tips, Attractions, Zoo Park
Purchase Souvenirs Meticulously

For this last step, we advise you to be wise to buy something that fits with your financial budget.

With a good and clear plan, so you can manage which one is financial budget for personal expenses, and which one you will use later for souvenirs.

So from fifth (5) important point explanation above, we can conclude if you want to travel to Bali Zoo Park, what you have to do, ie:

  • Create A Clearly Careful Planning.
  • Get More Information (Do Previous Survey)
  • Choose One of Bali Zoo Park Package Based on Your Needs & Budget
  • Made A Reservation (Purchase Zoo Ticket) Previously in Advance
  • Rent A Vehicle / Hire A Car for Access to Bali Zoo Park
  • Purchase Souvenirs Wisely

So with this explanation, we think it is more than enough that you can hold a grip, as a reference if you want to organize a vacation to Bali Zoo Park.

And in the end you will be able to create the best and fun holiday plan for you, your friends, and beloved family.

But, if you still have unclear information and want more further explanation,

We please you to "CONTACT US" Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Bali tour service activities).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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