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Museum Bali - art and history museum of Bali, this time is talking about the Bali Museum, which is located in the Central of Denpasar City, based on the existence history art of Bali, with its ancient culture basically is the acculturation of local culture since pre-history, contact with Hindu - Javanese around 4th century, and Indian culture in 8th century.

Museum Bali - A Museum of Art and History
These thing makes the historical object collectors from foreign countries pursue the heritage of an very important ancient manuscripts of Bali. And from analysis Bosch (an observer of history) suspected, that many objects ethnografi carried out as a private collection or as souvenirs. To anticipate the situation in 1910 came an idea from Assistance Residence of Bali and Lombok, named M.F.J Kroon to make Museum with its member: Dr.W.F.Stutterheim, Walter Spies, Dr.R.Goris, Ir.Th.A.Resink, and Bali Cultural figures I.Gst.Alit Ngurah and I.Gst.Bagus Negara. Then in 1925 finished a length building of Karangasem model, represented the architecture of east Bali,and built up by I.Gst.Ketut Gede Kandel (from Abasan), and I.Gst.ketut Rai (from Belong). With total area of this Museum is: 2.600m2, and the architecture is a combination between temple and palace, that devided into 3 yards;

- Inner Yard, where the building is
- Middle Yard, there are resting area formerly used by the king to observe situation outside the palace.
- Outer Yard most access to the field currently serves as parking area.

Finally on December 8th 1932, the Museum opened for public under name of Museum Bali, which at its inception there were about 3000 pieces of objects such as; Archeology, Historikal, Ethnografika, etc until now there are 13.008 pieces of objects. Later in the year 1969 - 1974 another building expansion section towards to south area in the middle yard. The building architecture is a combination between Traditional and Modern with their main function as a place of exhibition and office.

Bali Museum located just in the heart of Denpasar City, opposite to the field area of Puputan Badung (Badung Last Resistance) in 1906. Keris (Traditional weapons) ever used in warfare also became one of the museum collection, untill now still being held of ritual ceremonies every Tumpek Landep (every 210 days) by the Goverment of Bali. And beside from the Museum, also existing a statue of Catur Muka (Four Faces) next to Puputan Badung field area. This statue become the city mark of Denpasar.
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