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Bali Global Geopark | Batur Volcano Museum

The existence of Kintamani Batur Bali Volcano is closely associated with the presence of active volcanoes in Indonesia, totaling 127 volcanic stretching from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Banda Islands, Halmahera, to Sulawesi, which forming arc volcanoes in Indonesia.

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Batur Kintamani Volcano Museum Bali Global Geopark

Currently, Indonesia has had a first geopark, namely Batur Global Geopark. Established by the Global Geopark Network (GGN - UNESCO), on 20 September 2012 in Portugal. So Batur Kintamani Bali Volcano Museum can serve as a window of information about volcanoes in Indonesia, namely as a place to store, researching, exhibiting a variety of matters relating to the volcano, as well as describing the formation of volcanoes, eruption of material, shape, distribution, history, and benefits volcanoes in Indonesia.

Indonesia has 500 volcanoes, and 127 classified as an active volcano. The number occupied 13% composition of the active volcanoes in the world. The importance information about volcano, finally through government agencies (House of Representatives) proposed to the Government Republic of Indonesia to establish Volcano Museum, and with these responses finally on February 10, 2004 in Jakarta held the signing of cooperation agreements in the utilization of natural park Penelokan, for the construction of Museum Volcano Batur. And starting on December 22, 2011, based on a cooperation agreement between the government of Bangli district with geological agency that represents the implementation of central government operations Batur Volcano Museum start from planning, implementation, evaluation, and development will be the responsibility of the central cq.UPT Geological Museum, Geological Agency KESDM.

General Understanding of Volcano

Volcanoes are generally defined as a place discharge of magma to the surface of the earth, which form a truncated cone which there is a crater at its peak, and sometimes the water filled in the lake (Crater Lake). And incandescent magma is a liquid contained in the layers of the earth with a temperature of 10,000 degrees celcius, it has certain physical and chemical properties, also consists of elements when it is frozen called frozen rock.

Volcanoes are classified into four sources eruption, namely:

  • Center eruption that coming out through the main crater
  • Side eruption, magma comes out from the volcano slopes
  • Cracks eruption that appear on fractures
  • Eccentric eruption that coming out directly from the magma chamber

Types of Volcanoes structures

  • Crater structure
  • Caldera structure
  • Fracture structure
  • Volcano tectonic structure

Around the lobby area there is a graphic painting of mythological story from Bedawang Nala that tell about Hyang Pasupati at Mount Semeru. There are also ignimbrite panel and pyroclastic flake about the Ancient Batur Volcano which is contained in Ubud. Batur Volcano has had 26 of recorded eruptions, which began from the year 1804 until last year 2000. In this place there is also a Volcano Monitoring Panel, Panel Regional Systems, Early Warning Panel, Digital Seismograph, CCTV, Monitoring Tools, Space Monitoring and Binoculars. Batur Volcano Museum is also equipped with monitoring equipment.

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