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Ubud: "Famous Bali Art Village, Monkey Forest, Market & Royal Palace"

Ubud Bali art villages is one of a region on the island of Bali and Ubud itself is actually a district which located at Gianyar regency, with mileage to get to this area can be reached by vehicle about 40 minutes from Denpasar city (Capital of Bali island).

Ubud Bali Art Villages - Ubud, Gianyar, Tourist Attractions, Art villages, Galleries, Paintings, Museum, Sacred monkey forest, Traditional art market, Royal Palace
Ubud Bali Art Villages

Geographically, Ubud area Divided Into 8 Villages, among others:

  • Mas village
  • Ubud village
  • Sayan village
  • Petulu village
  • Peliatan village
  • Lodtunduh village
  • Singakerta village
  • Kedewatan village

While the population of Ubud area around 60.122 inhabitants, with the width area of Ubud region in aggregate approximately 42.38 Km2 and Ubud itself is a plateau with an altitude about 500 meters above the sea level, thus made weather in Ubud so fresh especially at night time.

Ubud art village is one region that holds very attractive potential of art and nature, also Ubud village has many interesting attractions to visit that you can do while filling up your bali holiday packages.

Flagship Tourist Attraction Located in Ubud area, as follows:

  • Ubud Bali Art Villages
  • Ubud Bali Royal Palace
  • Ubud Bali Holy Monkey Forest
  • Ubud Bali Traditional Art Market

Ubud art villages does have a best reputation and a popular tourist attractions, specifically in the fields of Arts and Cultures (Gianyar regency in general), that becomes centre valley of artists on Bali island with thousand of temples.

Also supported by several Painting art Galleries (Museum), thereby making the existence of ubud art village is so amazing and frequently visited by tourists both domestic and foreigners from all around the world when enjoying holiday time in Bali.

Other Thing which also in Favor of Ubud Tourism Village, such as:

  • Culinary
  • Activities of yoga in the morning
  • Balinese cooking class and many more
  • Ride a bike on the edge of rice field

In addition, Ubud also famous with its comfortable atmosphere, peaceful and tourism of spiritualism.

Development of Ubud tourist area as a tourism destination also accompanied by the provision of tourism facilities and adequate infrastructures in accordance with the wishes and needs for tourist destinations.

Starting from transportation facilities, communications and accommodation facilities, so the expectation a longer stay for tourists will increase and this can make a positive contribution for all parties in tourism component, it is evident from the number of tourists who visiting Ubud area every year always shows enhancement.

One reason from increasing number of tourist arrivals is due from year to year Ubud did not change much, besides Ubud also has a specific and unique tourist attraction of its own, compared to the other tourists attraction which existed in around Bali island.

Ubud tourist attraction still retains the authenticity of Balinese culture that can be seen from activities of Ubud people itself, where their livelihoods dominantly as farmers powered with its water irrigation (Subak) which still beautiful to be visited, painter (centre village of bali art painting), sculptor or creator of sculptures also the temple ceremony which frequently held as gratitude for the prosperities that has been given from the god.

In addition, Ubud Tourism has a High Cultural Art as Evidenced by the Presence of Many Art Painting Museums, such as:

  • Arma museum
  • Blanco art painting museum
  • Puri lukisan art painting museum

So with the increasing number of tourists visiting Ubud area, then it is very important to develop of adequate accommodation. And it is very supportive for Ubud tourism, making it easier for tourists who will visit Ubud tourist destination, besides also developing of restaurant facilities, which is an important need to let go of thirst and hunger for tourists.

Something quite unique about this Ubud art village is which also often referred as "Ubad" (Balinese language means "Healing"), especially for you who want to get peaceful mind and really want to enjoy the beauty of bali paradise island.

Indeed, until now Ubud village very famous, even there is an impression, if you want to visit and spent a holiday in Bali, before you had time to visit Ubud art village it seemed that your vacation is not so complete in the paradise island.

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The other thing that became a tourist attraction if we talk more about Ubud area, is the existence of Ubud monkey forest (bali native animals), if you visit this sacred forest you will see there are 3 temples (Shrines) right in the middle of this tropical forest.

Three these shrine building was built in the mid 14th century by Royal Pejeng dynasty and third of this temple has a different function in addition to the main function to invoke all of safety for macrocosmos in general.

Three of these Sacred Temples Area Located in Ubud Monkey Forest, namely:

  • Pura Dalem Agung (main temple area)
  • Pura Beji (place for ritual purification)
  • Pura Prajapati (burial places area / Cemetary)

While in Ubud monkey forest area, there are approximately 300 long-tailed macaques (in Latin often called: "Macaca Fascicularis"), which is one of Bali native animals.

The existence of monkeys that existed in Ubud holy monkey forest area consists of 25 male monkeys, 95 female monkeys and around 170 small baby monkeys, while the average weight of young males apes about 8 - 10 Kg, young female monkeys around 4 - 8 Kg and weight of baby monkeys approximately 350 Gr with black fur.

Regarding the price of entrance fee ticket if you want to visit Ubud monkey forest will be charged with rates IDR. 50.000 quoted per person and must be paid at the front counter which located at the main gate before entering Ubud holy monkey forest tourist attraction.

Ubud bali art village heavily frequented by tourists, especially for tourists who do a half day tour to visit Ubud Bali art village tour or full day travel journey to Kintamani bali volcano monkey forest area also when to do a whole day sightseeing trip leading to Karangasem east bali and Besakih tour (Bali mother temple).

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Ubud bali art village is a renowned tourist place and interesting area to be visited that highly recommended by Sorga Bali Tours (Best organizer for Bali holidays - Bali adventure packages and Bali tour service activities).

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