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10 Most instagrammable spots in Ubud, which one you like the best?

Ubud Bali Art Village - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Bali Art Village

Bali is indeed a holiday idol for tourists, because there's always tourist spots that will spoil you in here.

If you get bored of beautiful beach waves, frenzy touristy in Kuta and Sanur at the south,

you should better try to pick north part of Bali which is much cooler, calmer and more peaceful.

You don't have to travel far up to Singaraja in northern Bali, just enjoy the beauty atmosphere of Ubud.

How you think, interested?.

It is true, Ubud so far has become a favorite tourism by many travelers from around the world while on vacation in Bali.

It's proven the famous movie Eat, Pray, Love also filmed there in 2010.

Reputedly said, Ubud will be the forerunner famous of Bali as a world tourist destination.

Don't be astonished if Ubud now which is only a district and also a village, has become one of most visited areas by foreign tourists.

Beside of its location is relatively high, so it has a fresh atmosphere with a very natural rustic nuances.

So, to fill your long weekend vacation, sightseeing to Ubud will made your mind and soul more healthy there.

Ubud Bali Rice Terraces - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Bali Rice Terraces

Ubud tourist destination is so different compare to Kuta,

If in Kuta you can enjoy sunshine and splash of beautiful beach waves with it's expertise surfers.

While in Ubud what you can get, is a cool rural atmosphere with its beautiful rivers and charming rice fields terraces.

The existence of Ubud has been known by foreign tourists since immemorial time.

And travelers who come to Ubud area, because they are so interested with natural nuances of paddy-fields and lovely countryside that really spoil the eyes.

Moreover, the cool and calm atmosphere will made you feel linger in there.

Regarding location of Ubud is not too far from Denpasar City, it takes only 25 Km, precisely located in Gianyar regency and can be reached about an hour.

Ubud also keeps a lot of cultural performances, handicrafts, paintings and galleries which is so interesting to see.

In addition, facilities for tourists complete provided in Ubud,

there are many restaurants or hotels that provide natural view of forest and river.

With its unique rural atmosphere, no wonder if "Tranquility" is an identically word with Ubud.

Ubud Bali Holy Monkey Forest - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Bali Holy Monkey Forest

Because of tranquil, that's why Ubud is so appropriate also a romantic place for you the newlyweds who wants to do honeymoon.

Another thing that you can do in Ubud, where you can enjoy tranquility by doing Meditation (Yoga).

There are many places that provides yoga activity, even at the hotel where you stay usually they have it.

Moreover, Ubud also has many rice-fields terraces, guaranteed these countryside view will be able reducing your burden life.

Try it, if you don't believe!

To do selfie?...don't worry, Ubud also have it...

There are also many instagrammable places to do selfie here, Campuhan Hill for an example!.

This area is an arguably icon of Ubud which is quite popular, in addition to many other interesting places scattered around.

One of most prominent features of Ubud compared to other tourist attractions in Bali,

ie: the presence of paddy-fields terracing that so beautiful especially at Tegalalang village.

Here, you can spend your holiday time together with partner while enjoying coffee or hot tea. So romantic....!

Ubud Royal Palace - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Royal Palace

If you get bored with its soothing atmosphere, you can try white water rafting on Ayung river.

The sensation is quite challenging your adrenaline, which stimulated along the journey on Ayung river.

You don't need to be afraid, because the level rafting here is still safe.

It is very suitable to enjoy with your beloved partner or family. Guaranteed it will be an exciting moment!.

Ubud also known as the home of artists. Until now, many artists lived and settled here.

And this area is very compatible to anyone who has an interest in Balinese art.

More interestingly, you can see development of Balinese paintings started from 1930 up to now.

The developing of these paintings will appear,

because from time to time, there are variety styles of paintings ranging from traditional to modern styles.

Furthermore, you can visit 5 museums with theme of cultural arts in Ubud, such as:

  • Museum Puri Lukisan
  • Agung Rai Art Museum (ARMA)
  • Antonio Blanco Museum
  • Rudana Museum, and
  • Neka Museum.

So for you, the art lovers guaranteed not to be disappointed!

Don't be surprised why there are so many artists there,

because they generally love tranquility to get inspiration in their works.

Besides nature and art tourism, Ubud also offers religious tourism,

You can visit Pura Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave Temple) if you are in Ubud, and this holy place was built in the-11th century,

it was also get damage, when caused by an earthquake that hit Bali island.

Gua Gajah temple is a historic shrine, which merged two major sects at that time in Bali, ie: Sect of Shiwa and Buddhist Sect.

One more thing that you should know if you're traveling to Ubud,

feels incomplete if you haven't watched the Kecak Dance, Legong Dance, Barong dance, Tari Shang Hyang Jaran (horse dance) and other dances.

The dance performances showed at night, which is held in several places, such as:

  • At Puri Agung
  • At Puri Dalem
  • At Puri Saren
  • At Batukaru Temple
  • as well as other various places.

Ubud Bali Traditional Art Market - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Bali Traditional Art Market

Other recommendations when you visit Ubud is Pura Taman Saraswati.

The location of this holy place has many ponds which decorated with its beautiful lotus flowers.

With the stage of Kecak dance performance right in the middle that surrounded by lotus ponds. So beautiful...!

The other thing about Ubud, if you keen knowledge of creativity,

you can take a part of variety classes that offer, started from cooking classes to traditional music activities.

Other things you should know,

Ubud, besides being famous with its natural scenery, tourism and cultural arts, It's also popular for its delicious culinary offerings.

There are many places that you can meet if want to learn how to cook in Ubud.

Even most of hotels in here also provide special cooking class facilities for tourists.

You don't have to worry, this class is not only for adults, but children also can participate in it.

And you can try how to cook satay lilit, lawar and various other traditional menus.

Guaranteed, you won't forget the moment when you have opportunity to attend the Balinese cooking class,

as well as classes to making care and spa products.

Believe it or not, there are also classes to made canang sari (typical offerings of Balinese people).

If you do like music, you can also learn how to play the Balinese gamelan or flute at Puri Lukisan Museum.

To be more satisfied,

if you have a shopping hobby, Ubud also has an art market that sells varities of souvenir items.

with its unique location, because in the morning this market will be used as a traditional mart

And before noon especially when on holidays,

this place turns into a shopping location for all knick-knacks and Balinese art works.

Ubud art market and its surrounding environment is a place which still maintains a traditional rural atmosphere, situated just opposite to Puri Saren.

If you interest to buy something here, bargaining will be your private challenge which so interesting to be known.

For further information for your travel references, we have summarized "10 Most Popular Instagrammable places around Ubud".

Let's check it out!.

1. Ubud Holy Monkey Forest

Ubud Bali Holy Monkey Forest - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Bali Holy Monkey Forest

is one of many tropical forests which inhabited by hundreds of long-tailed gray apes.

In Latin this type of monkey is often called "Macacas Fascicularis" (Bali Native Animals).

Ubud sacred sanctuary is the most well-known for its management, location and ease of access.

besides all primates that found here are also quite friendly,

but remember...!

when you come to visit the place don't ever touch once these animals, because this type of local primates are very sensitive.

This sacred monkey forest is located on the outskirts of Ubud area and clearly visible from Padang Tegal village.

Also this tourist area is mostly known as Padang Tegal monkey forest, with its official designation as Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana.

Even the Ubud monkey forest destination, officially becomes a scientific research site,

as well as a spiritual and cultural place with the existence of sacred temple inside.

2. Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Tegallalang Bali Rice Terrace - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Tegallalang Bali Rice Terrace

Here you will know how's the traditional Balinese irrigation system has existed since ancient times that better known as "Subak",

has attracted the world's attention as one of the best landscapes in Southeast Asia.

With its location not too far from Ubud main tourist destinations, it takes only 15 minutes by car heading to the north, precisely situated at Ceking village.

Tegallalang is very famous for its rice-fields terraces tourist spots, where tourists can take the selfie photos and buy souvenirs.

In addition, you can also visit Pakudui village which is located close to Tegalllalang area,

In Pakudui village you can see various kinds of ornaments and wooden statues carving, and the most famous sculpture carving here is the statue of Garuda.

3. Goa Gajah

Pura Gua Gajah (Bali Elephant Cave Temple) - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Pura Gua Gajah (Bali Elephant Cave Temple)

This is one of the most interesting archeological sites located at Bedulu village,

with distance from Ubud tourist destination only 6 kilometers to the south, or around one hour from Denpasar city.

After going down the stairs, here you will find varieties kinds of relics and a cave inherited from the-11th century.

You can also look inside the cave, and inside there are several sculptures on the cave walls, places of meditation, Hindu temples, Ganesha statue and Lingga Yoni.

And at the outer area of the cave, there is also a pond decorated with fountains that come out from the celestial angel statues.

To know more about Gua Gajah temple history, you can read: "History of Goa Gajah (Bali Elephant Cave Temple)".

4. Puri Saren Ubud

Ubud Bali Royal Palace - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Bali Royal Palace

This palace is situated just a few steps away from the bustling center of Ubud art market.

Here you can also see the palace area of important Ubud royal families, which is often referred as Puri Saren Agung.

Istana Puri Saren built during the leadership of Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel and was still very well guarded up to now by his successors.

Ubud palace area has a very attractive garden view, and dance performances also held every afternoon.

5. Campuhan Ridge Walk

Tjampuhan Ubud Ridge Walk - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Tjampuhan Ubud Ridge Walk

To enjoy an easy and free trekking path in Ubud area, you can try Campuhan Ridge Walk.

This area offers a fresh air with its interesting scenery, it started from Gunung Lebah Temple.

6. Pura Taman Saraswati

Ubud Saraswati Temple - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Saraswati Temple

Taman Saraswati temple was designed by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad at direction of Ubud's prince, ie: Ida Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati.

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad is a famous Balinese sculptor and Undagi (a Balinese architect for the paraphemalia ritual),

Undagi is an expertise possessed to makes a cremation tower and wooden sarcophagi.

Lempad arrived in Ubud after moving from Blahbatuh royal palace, following because of a serious dispute that triggered the anger of Blahbatuh King.

In Ubud, he was employed by Sukawati royal family and has built several palaces and temples in Ubud also other surrounding villages.

Regarding construction of Pura Taman Saraswati began in 1951 and was completed in 1952.

This holy temple is especifically dedicated to worship Dewi Sarasvati (Goddess in Hindu religion, is a manifestation of the god who blesses humans with knowledge).

Pura Taman Saraswati is also one of most popular holy places found in Ubud area.

The most prominent features of this temple is the lotus pond with its water park, which marks at the outer yard from the temple area.

Plumeria (frangipani flowers trees) also decorates around the edge of pond,

while straight access like a bridge decorated with parasols (volcanic stones) as embodiments figures of Hindu mythology.

Many of these statues are original works of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad.

7. Petulu Village

Petulu Ubud Kokokan Village - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Petulu Ubud Kokokan Village

About 15 minutes from Ubud heading to the north side, there is also a well-known village with thousands of its kokokan birds (Flying Heron).

When you arrive at dusk, you will see Petulu village which visited by thousands of Kokokan birds.

Actually all these birds will go back to their nests at Petulu village.

Besides, from Petulu village you can also see the beautiful silhouette of afternoon sunset.

So don't forget ... if you plan will go to Ubud, there's no harm in stopping at Petulu village.

8. Ubud Traditional Art Market

Ubud Traditional Art Market - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Ubud Traditional Art Market

In Ubud centre there is also a traditional market, especially sells Balinese handicraft items.

Taking photos with merchandise from the sellers of Ubud Art Market are also quite exciting.

9. Gunung Lebah Temple

Pura Gunung Lebah - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Pura Gunung Lebah

Located on Campuhan road, and this Hindu sacred place in Markandhya Purana Inscription has been explained that,

the establishment of Gunung Lebah temple is dedicated to Sang Hyang Bhatari Danu which located at Mount Batur.

Gunung Lebah means a small hill in the valley and in front of this sacred area there is an encounter of two rivers,

namely: Tukad Yeh Wos Kiwa and Tukad Yeh Wos Tengen, which forms of a Campuhan River, And Gunung Lebah temple was founded by "Rsi Markandhya".

10. Antonio Blanco Museum

Antonio Blanco Museum - Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages
Antonio Blanco Museum

Don Antonio Blanco is a Spanish artist, decided to settle down and spend the rest of his age in Ubud.

Because he so in love with Ubud, finally he married with a native Balinese woman, named Ni Rondji.

The museum was built on the land given by Ubud's king from Puri Saren, ie: Tjokorde Gde Agung Sukawati.

His admiration for the female figures made most of his paintings in this museum is a women's-themed,

even his own wife Ni Rondji, also was not spared to become the object from his own painting.

Do you know, to enter this museum strickly you must not be allowed to turn on the camera,

especially in the main rooms of museum, and the camera should only be used in the area around courtyard museum.

So guys,...that's all we can explain to you at the moment, and when do you want to do vacation to Ubud?.

Don't forget, ...take your partner with you or family so then your holiday will be more satisfied over there.

And lastly if you need more information, please Contact Us Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages).

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