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Denpasar City Tour

Denpasar City Tour
Denpasar City Tour

Denpasar city tour is a favorite half-day tours in Bali, with the main trip destination to visit Denpasar city art museum which often reffered as "Bali Museum", also exploring other interesting places on short day trip.

Denpasar city tour program specifically presented for you who want to know about the history, art and culture of Bali,

because in essence Bali island does store a series of long history and rich in noble of arts and cultures.

In addition to exploring Bali art museum tourist attraction,

Denpasar city tour package also will visit the largest traditional Kumbasari market

and the existence of shopping mall that existed in centre part of Bali capital city.

Below will be explained about Denpasar city tour enroutes in detailed, that will made your holiday experience more enjoyable.

First please see the Bali map below!

and the red circles is route of tourist destination that you will visit in Denpasar city half-day tour package.

Denpasar City Bali Half Day Tour Package
Denpasar City Bali Half Day Tour Package

Slightly Information of Denpasar Art Museum

Museum Bali is a tourist destination located right in the heart of Denpasar city, opposite to Badung Puputan field.

The width area of Denpasar city art museum is 2.600 m2, with its architectural style is a form combination between temple and palace.

Since its opening for public on December 8, 1932, at the beginning there were around 3000 Archeology, History, Ethnography objects and until now there are 13,008 objects that are neatly stored in this museum.

And the existence of Balinese art museum other than as a place to store all objects related to Bali history, art and culture, also as an exhibition which often visited by local students, domestic and foreign tourists while on holiday time.

1. Denpasar City Art Museum
2. Kumbasari Traditional Art Market
3. Denpasar Shopping Mall

1. Denpasar City Art Museum

Denpasar City Museum
Denpasar City Museum

Bali Museum will be the first place to stop, and here you will see a technical executing units of Bali cultural office with its functions to Collect, Research, Conserve and Exhibit cultural objects for Education purposes, Study and Recreation.

Denpasar city museum is located at the center of Denpasar town, exactly on Mayor Wisnu street, at the east of Puputan Badung square and at the south of Jagatnatha temple,

stretching from north to south approximately 140 meters with its entrance gate faces to the west off to Mayor Wisnu street which is closed for public transportation except for museum visitors.

Based on its collection, Bali Museum as one of the provincial general museums in Indonesia, houses and exhibits cultural objects from pre historical period up to the present reflecting all cultural components of Bali,

which can be classified into collection of: Archaeology, History, Fine arts, Ethnography, Biology, Numismatic, Philology, Ceramics and Technology.

Denpasar City Art Museum Entrance Ticket:


  • Adult: IDR. 50.000 /person
  • Child: IDR. 25.000 /person


  • Adult: IDR. 25.000 /person
  • Child: IDR. 10.000 /person

University Student

  • IDR. 5.000 /person

High School Student

  • IDR. 2.000 /person


  • International: IDR. 1.000.000
  • Domestic: IDR. 500.000

Denpasar City Art Museum Opening Hours:

  • Everyday from: 07:30am to 15:30pm
  • Friday from: 07:30am to 13:00pm
  • Official Holidays: Closed

Kumbasari Traditional Art Market

Kumbasari Traditional Market
Kumbasari Traditional Market

After exploring Bali museum, next destination is to visit the most famous tourist spot which sells various types of product Bali local fruits,

handicrafts, Clothings and other unique items which are ready enchant your gaze by roaming around Kumbasari traditional art market, located right in the middle of Denpasar Bali capital city.

Denpasar Shopping Mall

Denpasar Department Store
Denpasar Department Store

Then last stop will step into your modern life to visit shopping centre zone, which is a prominent three-storey mall that provides good quality stuffs,

located right in the centre heart of Denpasar town and daily open from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM (will be closed only on Nyepi day / Balinese new year / Silent day).

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Finally... coming up to the end explanation of Denpasar city tour program from us

Lastly how you think, interested?

Let's go touring together!

For detailed Information, Tour price and Booking please read:

"Best Price Denpasar City Bali Half Day Tour Package"

or you can "CONTACT US" straight at Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday,

...because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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