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Talking about the existence and sanctity of monkey forest in Bali is very interesting to be discussed, because almost in every monkey forest there is a sacred place that is used by the Balinese Hindu community to express gratitude to the God, especially the existence of forests that are giving greening contribution to the bali island environment, in addition many monkeys found which is also one of native animals from Bali.

Few sacred monkey forest area found in Bali paradise island, such as:

  • Alas Kedaton holy monkey forest temple, located at Kukuh village, Marga sub-district, Tabanan regency
  • Uluwatu sacred monkey forest temple on the cliff, located at Pecatu village, South Kuta, Badung regency.
  • Sangeh monkey forest temple sanctuary, located at Sangeh village, Abiansemal sub-district, Badung regency.
  • Ubud holy monkey forest temple, located at Ubud art village, Ubud sub-district, Gianyar regency.
  • Bedugul area towards Singaraja north Bali direction, and in west Bali at Pulaki temple.
  • Pulaki holy monkey forest temple.

Bali Holy Monkey Forest Temple - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Bali Holy Monkey Forest Temple

The animal of this native macacas found easily almost in every tropical forest in Bali. All of these monkeys types is "LONG TAILED MONKEY", or in Latin often called "MACACAS FASCICULARIS". With the average weights of Monkey young male around 8 to 10 Kg, and Monkey young female around 4 to 8 Kg, while the Baby monkey approximately 350 Gr with black fur and crested head. The whole of monkeys found in this island protected by Law of government regulations. Besides that, according to the belief of Hindu society in Bali, monkeys are also classified into one of sacred animal. The other holy animals found in Bali, such as: Cows, Geese, etc.

Almost in every monkey forest in Bali, there is a sacred place in it. The local knowledge of Balinese Hindu community very appreciate with the existence of forests that can sustain the balance of nature, also with animal habitats contained. Beside that, balinese society are also strong believe about the heroism "RAMAYANA" Hindu Epics story, which explains about the presence of troops monkeys who helped "SRI RAMA".

Bali Holy Monkey Forest Temple - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Bali Holy Monkey Forest Temple

And according to the historical legend of epics Ramayana itself, as well as archaelogical research, that the story of ramayana has occurred during the periode of "TRETA YUGA", approximately happen in 1.750.000 years ago, which also tells the story about big construction of a long bridge named "Situbanda". A unique shaped bridge like a "CURVE", which is located in "PALK STRAIT" (between India / Ramesvaram and Sri Lanka), and the bridge is made from pumice stone with length about 323 miles (600 Km), which is made by troops monkey under supervision of Sri Rama who is the incarnation of God himself.

Because of this belief, until now the existence of monkey forest in Bali is highly respected by the Hindu community. Besides that also being used as a favorite tourist attraction, and to the tourists who come to visit can freely walk around and do natural contact without disturbing the monkeys or interfere this animal.

Bali Holy Monkey Forest Temple - Bali, Holidays, Tours, Attractions
Bali Holy Monkey Forest Temple

Tours visit holy monkey forest, such as:

For detail information and easy way how do tours to Bali holy monkey forest temple and other interesting places around whether for a half day trip or full day tour, we please you to Contact Us at Sorga Bali Tours.


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