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Uluwatu Bali Hindu Cliff Temple, Monkey Forest, Kecak Fire Dance & Best Sunset

Uluwatu Bali Hindu Cliff Temple very popular besides as a worshipping place which common used by balinese hindu community, also become a well-known tourism objects that frequently visited by many tourists from the entire world when enjoy bali holiday tour packages.

Uluwatu Bali Hindu Cliff Temple - Bali, Temple, Hindu, Holy place, Sacred area, Pecatu, South Bali
Uluwatu Bali Hindu Cliff Temple

According to "Padma Bhuwana Inscription" explained, Uluwatu temple with its function as "Sad Kahyangan" (main temple), that used to pray to the power manifestation of God which controls southwest direction (Rudra).

At Uluwatu temple very strongly emitt spiritual energy from Three (3) main god's manifestations, such as:

  • Brahma (centre spiritual energy which existed at Andakasa temple located at Karangangasem East Bali)
  • Wishnu (centre spiritual energy that existed at Ulundanu Batur temple located at Kintamani South East Bali)
  • Shiva (centre spiritual energy which existed at Besakih temple situated at Karangasem East Bali)

Cliff Temple Uluwatu built up at southwest side of bali island on a steep cliff with heights about 100 meters above sea level, facing ocean view and words of uluwatu itself derives from uric word "ULU" means (Head) and "WATU" means (Stone). And meaning of Uluwatu in general is: a hindu holy place (shrine) that built on stone's head, on the steep cliff stones.

Regarding mileage to visit uluwatu monkey forest temple could be reached around 1 (one) hour or about 31 kilometers from Denpasar town (capital city of bali island), and this hindu sacred place is precisely located at Pecatu village, Kuta sub-district, Badung regency - Bali.

Similar as other temples found in Bali, Uluwatu cliff temple also divided by three (3) yards, ie:

  • Outer yard (Nista Mandala) surrounded by tropical rainforest.
  • Middle yard (Madya Mandala) with steps heading access to the temple area, and
  • Inner yard (Utama Mandala) is the holiest area used by balinese hindu community to pray, during temple festival.

According to "Kusuma Dewa Inscription" explained, Uluwatu temple built in 11th century by a hindu holy priest named: "Mpu Kuturan", and in that year Bali island ruled by King "Sri WIra Dalem Kesari" with its centre palace existed in Koripan Besakih in the year 1135 AD, which located on slope of mount Agung (with the mountain height 3.142 meters from sea level and includes classification as one of active volcano beside other active mountain of Batur volcano which existed in Kintamani east bali with its height 1.717 meters).

On his spiritual journey, which at the time has recorded, that Mpu Kuturan has built 17 other holy places, such as: Batukaru temple, Kiduling kreteg temple, Batumadeg temple, Gelap temple, Uluwatu cliff temple and many others. So all temples which built at that time clearly use the religious concept by Mpu Kuturan and until now we can see at the ancient villages of Bali.

Back to talk about Uluwatu temple, the renovation was held in 1980 AD become Candi Catur Dwara with 7 roofs as place of "Bhatara Puser Bumi". To maintain the existence of the temple, then King Sri Wira Dalem Kesari gave the remaining land (Balinese word "PECATU") to the original Balinese people (Wet Bet Bali Mula), then people who received the gift of land named themselves with "Pecatu Community" (now: Pecatu Village).

Uluwatu Bali Monkey Forest - Bali, Temple, Hindu, Holy place, Sacred area, Pecatu, South Bali
Uluwatu Bali Monkey Forest

In the year 1460 AD until 1550 AD, Bali was ruled by King "Dalem Batur Enggong", with its centre palace in Gelgel (now: Klungkung) and precisely in 1489 AD, a Hindu holy priest named "Danghyang Dwijendra (Danghyang Nirartha), during in his spiritual journey to Bali, finally he reach "Moksa" (Nirwana / Amoring Acintya Parama Moksa) at Uluwatu temple.

Until now Uluwatu temple so famous visited by many tourists when they do tours to south coast bali. Regarding entrance fee ticket to visit Uluwatu temple cost IDR. 30.000 /rates quoted per person and has to be paid at front gate before enter Uluwatu sacred area.

Further information about bali tours program to visit Uluwatu temple, please read: "Half Day Tour: Uluwatu Bali Cliff Temple, Monkey Forest & Kecak Dance".

Besides temples area, at outer yard from Uluwatu holy place also surrounded by tropical jungle which inhabited by lots of monkeys (bali native animals), and all of bali macacas that found here are protected by goverment laws. Moreover, balinese people also very respect with the existence from all of monkeys sanctuary at this uluwatu area.

Uluwatu monkey forest is one from many other monkey forest found in Bali, there are also other monkey forest such as found at:

The animal of this native macacas found easily almost in every tropical forest in Bali. All these monkeys types are "Monkey Long Tailed", or in Latin often called "Macacas Fascicularis". With average weights of young male Monkey around 8 to 10 Kg, and young female Monkey about 4 to 8 Kg, while Baby monkey approximately 350 Gr with black fur and crested head.

Whole of monkeys found in this island protected by government's law regulations. In addition, according to Hindu belief in Bali, monkeys are also classified into one of sacred animal. The other holy animals found, such as: Cows, Geese, etc.

Because in hindu religion has explained that we always have to respect and not to hurt among fellow creatures, and in hindu epic story also described about story of "Ramayana", which tells about monkey's troops which helps "Sri Rama".

At Uluwatu temple area every afternoon at outer yard (special performance stage) held a traditional balinese show "Kecak and Fire Dance", which lasted for one hour and it starts from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, with price admission ticket (entrance fee) to watch this attractions will be charged IDR. 100.000 with cost of rates quoted per person.

Glance story about Kecak and Fire Dance, which shown at outer yard from Uluwatu sacred area, in Bali type of this dance is classified into "Bebali Dance" category.

Balinese dance categories divided into 3 classifications in general, such as:

  • Wali dance: is a dance performance with its functions totally for temple festival (ceremony)
  • Bebali dance: with its functions a half for ceremony and half other for commercial.
  • Balih-Balihan dance: 100% for commercials show.

So Kecak and Fire Dance, is classified into "Bebali Dance" category, number 3 (three).

Talking about Kecak and Fire dance is quite unique in its staging, because they don't use any gamelan music unlike other balinese dance in general and played by around 30 people, with shouting "Chak...Chak...Chak".

Kecak and Fire Dance very well-known staged by balinese artists which passed from generation to the next, and kecak dance took the play of Hindu epic story "Ramayana", a theme story shows and describes about duality of life, basically tells about opposition of good and bad things from human nature which is an eternal epic of all time.

It tells story of "Sri Rama" (he is incarnation of God) with his brother named "Laksmana" in their duty to free his wife "Sita", who was abducted by "Ravana" (king who reign Alengkapura).

And Sri Rama also aided by monkeys troops under leadership "Sugriwa", who was also assisted by "Hanuman" (king of white monkey) who has supernatural power, and has recounted able to burn Alengkapura kingdom, in its mission to liberate Sita and returns her to Sita's husband named: Sri Rama.

Finally, all monkeys army built a long bridge named "Situbanda", with its length about 323 miles or 600 kilometers under strict supervision directly by Sri Rama himself.

Ramayana's theme story very interesting to be noted, where based on historical fact occur in "Tretha Yuga" era, approximately happened more than 1.750.000 years ago, which is now better known as "Palk's Strait" that linking between "India" and "Srilangka".

Regarding Kecak and Fire dance, in Bali very interesting to be seen, with spectacular has been played by Bali people in 1920 and very popular until now.

So that's all brief history of Uluwatu temple in general.

For detailed information how to set day tour to Uluwatu temple and other interesting tourist object around Bali please "Contact Us" at Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Tour Packages).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday, because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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Uluwatu Bali Hindu Cliff Temple, Monkey Forest & Kecak Fire Dance
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