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Full Day Tour: Tirta Gangga East Bali Water Palace & Bat Cave Temple

East Bali tour package is a very famous full day activity, which essentially this trip will visit the most interesting tourism object specifically to explore karangasem's countryside in general, also to know more detailed concerning of natural beauty which contained inside the heart from eastern side of bali paradise island.

Tirta Gangga Bali Water Garden Palace - Tohpati, Batubulan, Celuk, Mas, Ubud, Klungkung, Candidasa, Tirta Gangga, Karangasem
Tirta Gangga Bali Water Garden Palace

This traveling will take you to know, and understanding more closer related to the Natural charm of tiny gorgeous island, Beautiful cultures, Unique traditional customs, Rural panorama of ricefield terraces, Arts and handicrafts along with hospitality of local balinese people.

Moreover, you will also additionally get more information regarding the majesty of hindu temple (pura), which is a holy place that used by balinese hindu community with its function as a worshipping place.

This journey will spend time about 10 to 11 hours (whole day Trip), and it will be started (begin) in the morning at 8:30 am and finish (return) back to the hotel at 6:00 pm or at 7:00 pm, with pick up area around: Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua and Denpasar.

This is a famous traveling that highly recommended by Sorga Bali Tours (Online organizer for holidays, Adventure packages and Tour service activities).

Travel Itinerary (Code: B - 1)
Barong and Keris Dance
Woven Batik Hand Weaving
Gold and Silver Jewelry
Wood Carving
Paintings Gallery
Court House Kerthagosa
Bat Cave Temple (Pura Goa Lawah)
Candidasa Beach Restaurant (Lunch)
Tirta Gangga Bali Water Garden Palace

Bali tours that we offer is a "Private recreations", which means only you and your group who will go and will not be joined with other people, also supported by an experienced driver also powered by fully air-conditioned transport with full registered car for tourism transportation.

Thus made your vacation will become more comfort while roamed all the spot that will be intended, and all touring that we offer related to the prices list will be quoted per vehicle (not per person !), with a maximum passenger capacity up to 7 people.

Barong and Keris Dance

# 1. Batubulan village will be the first visit, which located at the eastern side from the capital city and still be a part of Gianyar regency (region that becomes a valley's of many artists and central of cultures).

Barong and Keris Dance - Batubulan, Barong Keris Dance
Barong and Keris Dance

This territory is also be the centre of stone sculpture, besides every day start from 9:30 am and finish till at 10:30 am routinely held a show which lasted for one (1) hour with the entrance fee ticket will be charged at IDR.100.000 per head.

This performances is very famed played by a group of artists which passed from generation to the next, with theme story taken from epic of "Mahabharata", which basically explains about the duality of life, where tells about the opposition from good and bad characters of eternal human nature.

According to research, the real fact from Mahabharata epic has been happened around 15.000 years ago.

All entertainment types based with its functions are classified into 3 (three) categories, ie:

  • Wali (only staged during a religious ceremony)
  • Bebali (performed for ritual and commercial)
  • Balih - Balihan (totally just for fun)

So...Barong and Keris included in dance classification of number 2 (two).

Woven Batik Hand Weaving

# 2. Will be the next destination, in this case still talking about Batubulan village also to be the spot of making batik and hand weaving process.

Woven Batik Hand Weaving - Tohpati, Batubulan, Woven Batik Hand Weaving
Woven Batik Hand Weaving

Here you will get a detailed explanations as clearly about the demonstration processed which still using ordinary methode. So this could be an inspiration in addition to understanding directly, and Batik cloths can also used as a unique souvenirs.

Gold and Silver Jewelry

# 3. Next point will go to celuk village, which is an area as the center headquarters of all jewelries.

Gold and Silver Jewelry - Celuk, Gold Silver Jewelry
Gold and Silver Jewelry

All ability skills how to process the finery that they make here, is a legacy from their ancestors. As well as their product has been known throughout the entire world.

Wood Carving

# 4. The following location will view Mas region as the place of all wooden engraving, in addition also being central of furniture's crafts.

Wood Carving - Mas, Wood Carver
Wood Carving

Here you be able to sight clearly how was their chiseling skills when create an amazing work. Beside that, all the expertise they get are inheritance down - for generations, even some self-taught ability, in addition there are specific schools which teach about carve's knowledge, especially for youth.

Paintings Gallery

# 5. For the subsequent direction will toward to Ubud village, as an area with the top reputation from paintings galleries.

Paintings Gallery - Ubud, Art Painting
Paintings Gallery

Also supported by the existence several of arts museum that makes this place as the goal of inspiration by many trippers.

In addition, as well as endorsed with its beautiful scenery possessed thus made many artists both from inside or outside the country fell in love with this little heaven, such as: Rudolf bonet, Walter spies, Antonio blanco and others who cherish the presence of this region.

Even recently one of the famous movie star Julia Robert also held filming the movie titled: "Eat, Pray, Love" that everything is done here.

In reality this natural countryside does have a very pretty charm and exotic, besides also store various flagship tourist attractions, such as: Holy monkey forest (bali native animals), Traditional art market and Royal palace.

Court House Kerthagosa

# 6. Is going to be the next place to visit a traditional building which previously used as "Hall of Justice", a relics from Klungkung kingdom era. And this constructions has built when "Dewa Agung Jambe" reign Klungkung region in 1686 AD.

Court House Kerthagosa - Klungkung, Semarapura, Kerthagosa, Taman Gili, Monument, Museum
Court House Kerthagosa

The building complex of Kertha gosa and Taman Gili located just right in the heart of Klungkung town (capital city of Semarapura), with the mileage to reach here about 40 Kilometers from the east side of Denpasar city.

The words of Kertha gosa, derives from uric words: "Kertha" means: Peaceful and "Gosa / Gosita" means: Announced.

So this construction is a place of traditional building with its function used to discuss everything concerning the security situations, prosperity and fairness to all kingdoms in around Bali island.

The founder of Kerthagosa not clear, but according to "Candra Sangkala" that carved on the main entrance's palace gate recorded: "Cakra, Yuyu, Paksi, Paksi", which means: 1,6, 2, 2 or the year of 1700 AD, when the king "Dewa Agung Jambe" still reigned Klungkung.

During his empire, Kertha gosa building has an important function and every year precisely on "Purnamaning Kapat", used as a gathering place of all subordinate king throughout Bali and here the highest king gave briefing, decisions based on considerations of requirements needed.

Every "Rabu Kliwon", the supreme king also held a meeting with all the sub-district for Klungkung's purposes needs.

But after the palace power collapsed in a war against the colony on April, 28th 1908 then the building function is transforming into centre courthouse.

Inside the building's hall equipped by 6 chairs, ie:

  • Seats are sleeved a lion is a king's sitting seat (as a Judge).
  • Seats are sleeved an ox is a chair sitting for king's advisory.
  • Seats are sleeved a dragon is a chair sitting for kanca (as a Registrar).

And people who get court or punishment, will sit cross-leg with a polite attitude.

Beside the King, there is also a controller (senior officials netherlands), if there are any special cases to be considered.

To entered Kerthagosa, Taman Gili and Semarapura Museum you will be charged an entrance fee ticket at IDR. 20.000 with the cost of rates quoted per individu, and has to be paid before going into the tourist object.

Bat Cave Temple (Pura Goa Lawah)

# 7. Next destinations will stop to visit Pura Goa lawah (Bat Cave Temple), which located at Pesinggahan village - Dawan sub-district - Klungkung regency, about 59 kilometers from Denpasar (bali capital city).

Bat Cave Temple (Pura Gua Lawah) - Pesinggahan, Dawan, Pura Goa Lawah, Bat Cave Temple, Klungkung
Bat Cave Temple (Pura Gua Lawah)

Here you can see thousands of fruit bats hanging on wall side with the existence of hindu temple inside the cave. This temple is often referred as "Pura Goa (Gua) Lawah" or Bat Cave Temple.

The glimpse history about this hindu sacred area is closely related with a hindu spiritual leader named: "Mpu Kuturan" in the 10th century, when on that time bali island was ruled by the king "Anak Wungsu" (younger brother of King Airlangga) who reigned east java in the year 1019 AD - 1042 AD.

This holy area is standing up in between the coast (beach) and hills with a huge cave inhabited by alot of fruit bats, and in inscription of "Padma Buana" explained that function of this sacred place as "Sad Kahyangan" (main temple / in spirituality side, this is the place of "Maheswara" and "Sanghyang Basuki").

Other function of this hindu temple also as a place for "Nyegara Gunung" of pitra yadnya ceremony (a ritual activity / purification of the soul after being cremated). And the temple festival regularly held every 6 months (210 days in balinese calender).

Hindu holy man Mpu Kuturan very clever in conceptualizing the structures of sacred building in Bali and proved with his arrival has gave birth many holy temple building which we inherited now as Sad Kahyangan.

This temple has the aim function to respect and harmonize both universe of microcosmos nor macrocosmos, with all its contents. In addition, he also makes a very principal foundation rules of order to the balinese community in lives.

The other priest namely: "Danghyang Dwijendra" who was recorded has build "Pura Tanah Lot (bali sea temple)", also came to Bali when this island governed by King "Sri Dalem Waturenggong" in the year 1460 AD - 1550 AD and the holy man Danghyang Nirartha brought Bali to the glory era also profound influence on the religion and culture in this island.

So the existence of Pura Goa Lawah (Bat Cave Temple) used by Balinese hindu society to harmonize the universe in general.

For you who enter this holy region, then will be charged an entry fee ticket at IDR. 20.000 quoted per person.

Candidasa Beach Restaurant (Lunch)

# 8. Will be the next place to visit Candidasa beach tourist area, and here you will stop to take a rest for one (1) hour for lunch break at Candidasa restaurant.

Candidasa Beach Restaurant (Lunch) - Candidasa, Restaurant, Lunch
Candidasa Beach Restaurant (Lunch)

All restaurants that existed here are according to hygienic procedures or based on health standards, so you will not feels worried while relish your lunch dishes, and they also provides Vegetarian food, Indonesian cuisine, and Halal food.

Tirta Gangga Bali Water Garden Palace

# 9. This is going to be the last place, and here you can see also explores the interesting tourism objects of Tirta Gangga Bali Water Park Palace which situated in eastern part from bali paradise island.

Tirta Gangga Bali Water Park Palace - Tirta Gangga, Karangasem, East Bali, Water Garden Palace
Tirta Gangga Bali Water Park Palace

Tirta gangga precisely located at Ababi village, Rendang sub-district, Karangasem regency, with mileage around 83 Kilometers from Denpasar capital city.

Taman tirta gangga or commonly called "Bali Water Garden Palace" with the spacious: 1.2 hectares and modified the architecture models of Balinese and Chinese concepts.

The first concept idea came from the king of Karangasem, namely: "Anak Agung Ketut Anglurah" in 1948 AD, with his imagination he was able to realize of Tirta Gangga building. In addition this attractive place's function as a resting place for the King also to welcome the royal guests.

There are several pools here and this place is divided into 3 (three) yard, ie:

  • Outer yard, which is the first water pond on the right side equipped by several statues, all these sculptures tells about the actors from hindu epic story.
  • Beside the first pool there is a fountain (mountain's symbol) and surrounded by several gods statues as symbol from the God manifestation (in balinese often reffered as name of: "Dewata Nawa Sanga" (equilibrium manifestation) based on wind direction to balance the universe (macrocosmos).

    On the left side's pond, there's a small bridge decorated by "Dragon statues", and in Bali hindu concept, the twin statues often encountered as "Dwarapala" (Gate guards). In accordance of hindu beliefs that "Dragon's symbol" commonly used as a "Uparengga" (decoration flag that used for the temple ritual in any kind of religious ceremony), and uparengga means: the form symbol of "Water" (Dragon / Prosperities).

    In spirituality of Balinese people also believe with 3 other "Dragon classifications", such as:

    # 1.Dragon Ananta Boga, is the phylosophy of Ananta Boga which means: "Ananta" (never ending) and "Boga" (food), so in this case is strongly related to the symbol of rice as the main food (agriculture area) that dominantly live on rice farming. # 2.Dragon Basuki and word of "Basuki / Basukiar / Basukih" means: "Safe". And this name very similar to the name of the largest temple found in this island, namely: "Pura Besakih" (mother temple), and # 3.Dragon Taksaka are defined as an extra power and it is a combination from the various potentials that peaked causing tremendous charm (in Balinese language called: "Taksu".

  • While in middle yard, there's a swimming pool, which often used by visitors (tourists) to swim while enjoying the coolness clear water of tirta gangga.
  • Inner yard (holiest part) is temple area.

In addition of water garden palace, there are also few inn, restaurants and small cafes which sell foods or beverages.

To entered Karangasem East Bali Water Garden Palace (Tirta Gangga Park), you will be charged an admission ticket (entrance fee) at IDR. 20.000 cost quoted per head.

Price Karangasem East Bali Tour:US$ 60 /per vehicle

Trip Cost Included:

  • Fully Air-Conditioned Transport
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Car Parking Fees
  • Toll Charges
  • Petrol

Things Not Included:

  • Your Lunch / Dinner
  • All Kinds of Other Personal Expenses
  • Cost of Admission Ticket (Entry Fee)

How to Do Karangasem Tour Reservation (Trip Booking)
  • Simply fill the "RESERVATION DATA" which will be sent via Email, SMS, Phone, or WhatsApp.
  • After completing all reservation data, then "SCHEDULE PICK-UP" will be submitted.
  • Regarding payment you can do one day before or if urgent you can do on the arrival date.

Terms and Conditions
  • All rates quoted on cash payments.
  • Maximum vehicle capacity up to 7 people.
  • Reservation must be made at least one day before.
  • Prices list vehicle hire will be charged per car (not per person !).

More detailed explanation regarding tips how to arrange (do) day trip around Bali, please read: "Holiday Tips: A Guide How to Organize (Set) Sightseeing Tour Around Bali Fit on Budget, Effective and Efficient".

Karangasem Map, Bali, Indonesia

So, what else are you waiting for ...?

let's go touring with us...!

For detailed Information and Booking please "CONTACT US" Sorga Bali Tours (Best Bali Holiday Packages).

And, we would appreciate of any given question, also we will strive to do our best to plan your holiday, because we understand very well that your satisfaction is our goal.


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